SHOCK: Accused Cocaine Trafficker Is A Really, Really Big Fan Of "Scarface"

A California man jailed on federal cocaine trafficking charges can, of course, be seen proudly posing in front of a “Scarface” poster in a photo uploaded to his Facebook page.

On March 25, federal agents arrested Cesar Anguiano, 35, for allegedly transporting about 15 kilos of cocaine to Ohio, where the drug was intended for customer Mark Walker (whose rap sheet includes a narcotics trafficking conviction).

In addition to seizing the 15 bricks of cocaine from a car driven by his brother, agents recovered more than $275,000 from a Chrysler being driven by Anguiano (who is locked up without bail).

As detailed in an April 14 U.S. District Court filing, investigators want Facebook to preserve information from Cesar Anguiano’s account so that it can be reviewed for evidence of any contact with Walker (who has also been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine).

As seen above, Anguiano’s Facebook page includes a photo of him posing in front of a “Scarface” poster, which appears to hang on a wall in his Ontario, California home. The artwork, which shows Tony Montana firing a machine gun, includes the quote “Say hello to my little friend.” The 1983 film is listed twice among movies that Anguiano “likes.”