Bill Cosby '05

Bill Cosby

Looks like Bill Cosby--a load if ever there was one--has not been too pleased with Philadelphia newspaper coverage of his ongoing sex assault lawsuit. Because the Cos now forbids promoters from advertising his hometown concerts in either the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Philadelphia Daily News (not to mention the Boston Globe), according to the 68-year-old comedian's recently revised contract rider, excerpts of which you'll find here.

In addition to the retaliatory media blacklist, Cosby's performance requirements also include his toilet paper preferences (must be "high quality...Cottonelle or equivalent"), autograph policies, and occasional need for "a specific variety of Latte" from Starbucks or another joe joint. And, of course, he'll need "Presidential Suite quality" hotel accommodations. (4 pages)

Random Demands

Big Ass Kielbasas

Foo Fighters demand Polish sausage large enough to "make men self conscious."

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