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So how does Keith Urban keep his boyish figure?

A look at the musician’s backstage rider (for his “Summer Lovin’ 2010” tour) reveals that Nicole Kidman’s husband has a variety of “personal daily requirements” to which attention must be paid. Urban’s rider is excerpted at left.

For example, Urban needs two breakfasts (before and after a workout). And he prefers that his grub--to be handled by his personal assistant--features the “highest quality, free range meat and organic vegetables and grains.” Butter, spices, and onions? Outlawed.

His dressing room (or tour bus) is stocked with an equally bland assortment of sliced meats and cheeses, hummus, and a container of “butter substitute” (though he will settle for lower fat butter if the fake stuff is unavailable). And, of course, “Select a Size paper towels” are a must.

For some reason, Urban’s rider carries the notation that the document is “Confidential.” As reported here, the Australian singer earns a guaranteed minimum of about $500,000 per concert. (4 pages)

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