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Lynyrd Skynyrd

Given the band's tragic history, we're willing to cut Lynyrd Skynyrd some slack. But while we agree the name of a certain sports drink might be tough to spell, we do think that anyone over the age of five should be able to handle "gator." Oh, and we'd love to know what goes into those mysterious empty boxes under the table. (1 page)

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Wow - this is from 1997! Its now 2011 and I work at a hotel where the band stayed recently. They didn't request anything but 2 bottles of water in each room. Their TM (tour manager) is really awesome, as are most TM's and I've worked with a lot. Most of the crazy requests don't come from the band or talent but from the booking agents. Most TM's will laugh at the list and say "where did you get THAT from?"

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