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While Van Halen no longer demands the provision of strippers and controlled substances backstage, the band's 2008 concert rider still contains a few gems.

For probably the first time in rock history, the Van Halen rider specified that a "study room" be set up backstage for a musician and his tutor (in this case, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, who was 16 when the tour launched). Each band member got his own dressing room, according to the rider, which notes that lead singer David Lee Roth's abode had to be free of any floor covering since, "Mr. Roth practices martial arts in his dressing room, and in order to do this there can be no rugs or carpeting of any sort." Additionally, Diamond Dave's dwelling "SHOULD BE AS FAR AWAY FROM" dressing rooms occupied by bandmates Wolfgang, Alex, and Eddie Van Halen. The rider does not explain why Roth needed the separation, but considering his rocky history with the band, space is likely a good thing.

While no alcohol is stocked in the individual dressing rooms (it's all Red Bull, Gatorade, fresh fruit, and Japanese Apple Pears), Eddie's onstage cooler contained "mini bottles" of "Gallo Twin Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (red & white label, red cap)." A four-pack of the low-rent Gallo libation retails for $4.99. The band's 2007-2008 tour was delayed when the guitarist reportedly entered rehab in March 2007 for treatment of alcohol abuse. Though it carries a December 2007 date, the rider below was provided to a venue where Van Halen performed in May 2008. (7 pages)

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Wow - my kind of catering, Red Bull in every room :)

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