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Poison Backstage Rider

We're not sure whether Poison has a large deaf following (or if fans have suffered major hearing loss over the years), but the heavy metal group makes it a point to note that promoters must provide sign language interpreters for the deaf as requested. The group only requests 24 hours notice if the interpreter needs song lyrics. The band's 2002 rider also notes that since "pyrotechnical special effects are integral to the Artist's performance," all fire and smoke detectors in a venue "must be switched off during the show." We trust this requirement has been reconsidered in light of the deadly February 2003 fire during a Rhode Island nightclub performance by Great White. (5 pages)

Random Demands

Two (2) Bottles Hennessy XO Cognac

When not chugging purple drank, Lil Wayne opts for some pricy French libations.

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