Administrators Probe "Rape" Photos Staged By Group Of Boys At Long Island High School

Administrators at a Long Island high school are investigating a group of male students who posed for photos appearing to make light of rape.

The images taken yesterday on the athletic field at Commack High School were posted to social media sites, where they were spotted by fellow students, many of whom were angered by the two pictures.

One of the photos (seen above) shows five boys wearing t-shirts that spell out “RAPE?” The second image shows the same quintet spelling out “RAPE.” In the foreground of the second shot (seen below), a sixth boy is on the ground with his hands bound, presumably portraying a victim.

In a statement, school officials said that the students “showed an inexcusable lack of judgment,” adding that they have launched a “comprehensive investigation to determine the full scope of this matter and whether or not this was an isolated incident.”

In a Twitter post yesterday, a female classmate of the boys wrote, “These assholes did this for senior class pictures today. Wait till they see me tomorrow.” She later added, “I don't even want to enter the doors of Commack High School tomorrow or ever where there are people who find rape as a joke.”