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Facebook is blocked!

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    A former Oregon State University student is facing a public lewdness charge after she filmed an X-rated video in the school’s library, a clip that has circulated widely on campus.

    Kendra Sunderland, 19, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the video shot in the school’s sprawling Valley Library. Sunderland, seated at a table in the library, is seen exposing her breasts and vagina, while also licking and touching herself in the 31-minute video (screen grabs from which can be seen above and below).

    The video was shot with Sunderland’s laptop and it appears she is exchanging typed messages with someone watching her exploits in real time. In fact, it seems that Sunderland’s performance was part of a webcam show. Other photos and videos found online depict the teenager--who uses an alias--engaged in similar lewd acts, all of which transpire in what appears to be her residence.

    At one point in the library video, Sunderland pulls down her jeans to reveal her panties, and then turns around and grabs her exposed buttocks. She is also seen exposing herself and masturbating.

    Sunderland has attended Oregon State, though she did not register for classes this term. It is unclear when Sunderland recorded the video, which shows her frequently looking around to make sure nobody notices that she is exposing herself.

    Sunderland did not respond to a message seeking comment that was sent to her Facebook page (which contains two photos of her wearing Oregon State t-shirts).

    If convicted of the misdemeanor lewdness count, Sunderland faces a maximum one-year prison term and a $6250 fine.

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    A Texas man who bragged on Facebook about having 16 outstanding arrest warrants was busted after a tipster called cops to report the ill-advised online boasting.

    Edward Smith, 22, was collared following a January 20 post reporting, “So, I have 16 warrants out right now. Lol they know where I’m at tho so, it must not be TOO bad.”

    When cops in Mineral Wells, a city 80 miles west of Dallas, researched warrant records, they determined that Wells only had 14 active warrants, some of which were three years old. According to records, Wells has been cited for petty theft, driving without insurance, and other minor infractions (for which he owes more than $1400 in fines).

    Smith--seen in the below mug shot--was subsequently released from custody after agreeing to a fine payment schedule. While his personal page appears to have been deleted, an Eddie Smith “community” page has appeared on Facebook.

    After Mineral Wells police arrested Smith, they went to Facebook and made their own post: “In the ‘you can't make this up’ file, a subject posted on Facebook that they had a bunch of Mineral Wells PD warrants but we couldn't do anything because they don't live in the city limits...then we show up and arrest them on 16 warrants.”

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    After Nebraska airport workers refused to allow her to board a plane with a three-week-old puppy, a woman allegedly went into a nearby bathroom and drowned the animal in a toilet bowl, police allege.

    Cynthia Anderson, a 56-year-old Florida resident, was arrested Friday afternoon at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport in Grand Island. Anderson, seen at right, was charged with animal cruelty.

    According to cops, Anderson first tried to board a plane Thursday with three uncaged puppies, but was turned away by airport personnel. After her parents took two of the dogs, Anderson returned to the airport Friday with the remaining puppy (which she sought to conceal in a carry-on bag).

    After she was again denied boarding, Anderson allegedly killed the Doberman puppy. A cop summoned to the airport reported, “On my arrival I learned a 3 week old puppy had been drowned in the toilet after a woman tried 3 times to get it on the plane.”

    Anderson was arrested after police interviewed her and “numerous witnesses,” including a woman who discovered the dead dog.

    Police reported that, “The puppy was taken to the Humane Society and autopsied. It was found to have water in one of its lungs.”

    Anderson remains locked up in the Hall County jail on the felony count.

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    An 11-year-old South Carolina boy is facing an arson charge after allegedly setting a fire inside a Walmart that caused millions of dollars in damages to the business, police report.

    The boy’s 13-year-old cousin has also been charged in connection with the December 31 blaze.

    According to investigators, the boy stole a lighter while inside the Columbia store and, with his cousin, used it to set a fire in the Walmart’s greeting card aisle. The ensuing blaze caused significant damage to the store, though no injuries were reported.

    In an effort to identify suspects in the arson, police Thursday released Walmart surveillance images, including a photo (seen at right) showing the boy and girl entering the store on New Year’s Eve.

    On Friday, the parents of the respective suspects turned the minors in to police. Each child was charged with third degree arson, a felony. The boy was also charged with shoplifting the lighter. The children were subsequently released into their parents’s custody.

    The fire forced Walmart to close temporarily for repairs, but the store has since reopened.

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    For anyone who actually believes that revenge porn pioneer Hunter Moore triumphantly returned Friday night to Twitter--as opposed to his dormant account being hacked or somehow taken over--here’s a reminder about the special conditions of the bail package that has kept him out of jail since his arrest last year on 18 felony counts.

    Last January, Moore, 28, posted a $100,000 bond that was secured by his parents (with whom he now lives in Woodland, California). In a phone interview this evening, Moore’s mother Jeanette told TSG that her son had nothing to do with the new tweets issued from @huntermoore, his former Twitter account.

    Conditions of Moore’s release include a complete Internet ban. While his parents are allowed to have online access, “the connection shall be password protected and you shall not have access to it at any time,” a judge ordered.

    Moore (seen at right) is also barred from using or possessing a computer (unless authorized by a pretrial services officer). Likewise, he is not allowed to possess a phone with “Internet capabilities.”

    Additionally, Moore agreed to assist federal investigators to “shut down any and all of your personal and professional Twitter accounts, Tumblr accounts, email accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, Hunter Moore T.V. accounts, websites, and any other social media or internet accounts you may have.”

    Violation of any of Moore’s terms of release would likely prompt a bond revocation hearing and could result in his pretrial detention.

    According to federal court records, Moore is scheduled for a February 25 hearing in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles (a trial date has been set for March 24). In a November court filing, Moore’s lawyer reported that he was busy preparing for a trial “in the event that a pretrial resolution does not occur,” an apparent reference to ongoing plea discussions.

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    A South Carolina man is facing narcotics charges after police last night found him in possession of a bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, specifically a “New England Patriots drug pipe.”

    Myrtle Beach Police Department officers stopped John James Baker, 47, because he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. Baker, who was unsteady on his feet and had “glossy eyes,” was arrested for public intoxication.

    During a subsequent search of Baker, cops discovered a bag of pot “along with drug paraphernalia (New England Patriots drug pipe).” Cops seized the pipe, which is not further described in a police report. The item does not appear to be officially licensed NFL merchandise.

    Baker, seen above, was charged with pot possession, public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia, and drinking in public.

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    A Florida judge today issued an arrest warrant for the world’s biggest Tom Brady fan.

    Victor Thompson--who has a replica of Brady’s New England Patriots helmet tattooed across his skull--failed to appear today for a court hearing in connection with his arrest for felony narcotics possession. As a result, an arrest warrant was signed by a Circuit Court judge.

    The 46-year-old Thompson also was a no-show at a January 8 court hearing, according to records.

    Thompson, a New Hampshire native who relocated in 2014 to Florida, was arrested last September by St. Petersburg cops for trespassing and possession of the synthetic marijuana Spice, according to a police report. He was released on $1500 bond after jailers took a series of mug shots memorializing his tattoos.

    Those photos, seen above, show that Thompson had his head inked to make it seem like he was wearing a blue Patriots helmet, complete with team logos, Brady’s number (12), and the word “Patriots.” Additionally, Thompson’s head includes other touches like an American flag, the NFL logo, and the brand name “Riddell,” which manufactures Brady’s actual helmet.

    The back of Thompson’s head even contains a small green dot, which, on NFL helmets, indicates that the equipment is outfitted with an electronic device allowing its wearer to receive plays from the sideline. The dot is atop a tattoo of the Super Bowl trophy (which does not appear on Brady’s helmet).

    Thompson was also arrested this month for Spice possession and carrying an open container of alcohol, both of which are listed as municipal ordinance violations in court records. On January 7, he pleaded no contest to the charges and was ordered to pay a $118 fine. The following day, he failed to appear in court on his earlier narcotics case.

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    Police have arrested the dopey Texas thieves who stole an iPad and then used the device to take celebratory “selfie” photos that were automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account.

    Dorian Walker-Gaines, 20, and Dillian Thompson, 22, were busted last night and booked into a Houston jail on felony theft charges. Walker-Gaines is being held on $10,000 bond, while Thompson is locked up in lieu of $5000 bond.

    Walker-Gaines (left) and Thompson are pictured in the above mug shots.

    According to a criminal complaint, Walker-Gaines confessed that he and Thompson stole the iPad, $5000 in cash, a laptop, and other items from a vehicle owned by Stewart Schaefer, who left the car unlocked in front of his home earlier this month.

    Schaefer subsequently discovered that a series of photos had been uploaded to his iCloud account from the stolen device. Those photos showed Walker-Gaines and Thompson inside a Burger King holding fans of $100 bills.

    The felony complaint notes that after news about the “selfie” photos began circulating online, a Reddit user contacted a friend of Schaefer’s and provided the names and dates of birth of Walker-Gaines and Thompson.

    In addition to the photos, Walker-Gaines--whom TSG yesterday identified as one of the thieves--even uploaded a video (seen below) to his Facebook page that showed him holding cash and declaring, “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle.”

    The video, recorded hours after the theft, was shot inside the Burger King, which is two miles from Schaefer's residence. Schaefer estimated that the items stolen from his truck were worth about $9000.

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    In a bid to identify more than 180 looters, police today released surveillance video from inside a Ferguson, Missouri market that was ransacked following the November 24 announcement that a grand jury had declined to vote indictments in the Michael Brown case.

    As seen below, the 5:16 clip captures a tidal wave of looters flooding into the Dellwood Market, which had also been robbed in the days after Brown was shot to death by a Ferguson cop last August.

    After failing to breach the market’s front door, the initial influx of looters broke through a boarded-up window. Many of the thieves--some of whom escaped with potato chips--are seen wearing hoodies, masks, and hats in an apparent attempt to cloak their identities.

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    A Florida man has copped a plea to using a stuffed horse to masturbate in the housewares section of a Walmart, records show.

    Sean Johnson, 20, entered no contest pleas to misdemeanor indecent exposure and criminal mischief charges stemming from the repulsive October 2014 incident at a Walmart in Brooksville.

    A Hernando County Circuit Court judge last Thursday sentenced Johnson to one year’s probation and ordered him to pay about $700 in fines and restitution. A one-year prison sentence was suspended. Johnson was also ordered to have “no contact with victim,” a reference to Walmart, not the stuffed animal (which is seen in the above evidence photo).

    As detailed in a police report, Johnson “selected a brown, tan, and red stuffed horse from the clearance shelf in the garden department,” and then proceeded to the comforter aisle in the housewares section. There, he “proceeded to pull out his genitals” and “proceeded to hump the stuffed horse utilizing short fast movements.”

    After he “achieved an orgasm and ejaculated on the stuffed horse’s chest area,” Johnson (pictured at left) placed the soiled stuffed horse “on top of a bed in a bag (comforter set) contaminating that property also.” The Walmart merchandise that came into contact with the semen-splattered horse was deemed contaminated and not suitable for sale.

    In a written confession, Johnson acknowledged that, “I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal,” terming the humping a “horrible act.” The contrite Floridian added, “I need to think before what I do. I’m extremely sorry.”

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    A motorist was cited for “eating while driving” after a cop spotted him noshing on a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese as he drove along a Georgia roadway.

    Madison Turner, 36, was ticketed by a Cobb County policeman shortly after he left a McDonald’s drive-thru in Marietta on January 10. The ticket issued to Turner, a web developer from Alabama, alleges that the driver failed to exercise due care while behind the wheel.

    In the ticket’s “remarks” section, Officer Delaney wrote, “Eating While Driving.”

    Turner, who was pulled over around 3:40 PM, told TSG that the cop specifically told him that his 2009 BMW was not swerving in the roadway, nor was he driving above the speed limit. Turner, seen above, contends that he was not distracted while enjoying his McDonald’s grub.

    Turner, who intends to fight the ticket, is scheduled for a February 3 court appearance.

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    After completing a jail sentence, a Florida woman left the Manatee County lockup last month with a smuggled memento of her time behind bars.

    In a Facebook post, the woman wrote, “just a pic of a souvenir I picked up on my 6 month vacation.” Next to that caption was a photo of a spork, the spoon/fork hybrid used by inmates during jail meals. In a subsequent message, the inmate noted that, “it wasn’t easy to get out with me….that’s for sure!!!”

    What the inmate, whose last name is Jones, did not anticipate was that her Facebook page was being monitored by Detective Todd Zink of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.  

    According to a police report, Zink tracked down Jones and asked if she “had taken something with her when she left jail.” Jones fessed up to nicking the spork and apologized to Zink. “I asked her if she would return it in exchange for not filing charges and she did so on 1/6/15, leaving it at the Guard Shack as I requested,” the cop reported.

    Alas, the recovered cutlery--which Zink valued at two cents--did not return to service since investigators did not know how Jones “transported the spork out of jail.” As a result, the detective marked the utensil as a “biohazard” and “put it into Property and Evidence to be destroyed."

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    A new rug that greeted visitors to one Florida sheriff’s office has been pulled up after it was discovered that the standard phrase “In God We Trust” had been mistakenly rendered as “In Dog We Trust.”

    The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office rug was removed today after the typo was spotted--nearly three weeks after the floor covering was received from manufacturer American Floor Mats. The Maryland firm will replace the $500 rug with a typo-free model, as first reported by WFTS.

    As seen above, the rug features a replica of the sheriff’s logo. A second green rug at the Largo headquarters has “God” spelled correctly.