Iowa Cops Arrest Man Named Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller

A man named Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller was arrested early yesterday following a drunken confrontation at an Iowa bar, police report.

Miller, 26, tussled with patrons at the Cheap Seats Sports Bar in Des Moines, according to cops. After departing the bar around 1 AM, he allegedly returned with a hatchet under his shirt, according to a Des Moines Police Department report.

Witness Brian Bates turned the hatchet over to police, saying, “He just dumped this in the bathroom when he came in. He had it under his shirt.” When cops questioned Miller about the hatchet, he became aggravated and yelled at Bates, “You snitch motherfucker, I know you, I’m going to get you.”

While not denying ownership of the hatchet, Miller insisted that police “had the wrong guy,” alleging that Bates “had punched him and that he was a victim.” Despite that defense, Miller was arrested for public intoxication and going armed with intent. Miller, who was also hit with a probation violation charge, is locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond.

The police report does not indicate whether Miller was born with the “Mustang GT500” middle name (or if the Ford tribute was added at a later date).