McDonald's Worker Who Beat Victim In Front Of Her Toddler Is Also A Mother Of Small Children

Tia Harris, the New Jerseyan charged with brutally beating another woman while the victim’s two-year-old son watched, can be seen posing happily with her own two children on Facebook.

Harris, who is also known as Alima Zawjatul Abdul Sabur, is still being sought by cops in connection with Tuesday’s attack on Catherine Ferreira behind the McDonald’s restaurant where the 25-year-old Harris works.

Video of the assault of Ferreira, 27, was posted to Facebook by one of the many onlookers who filmed the attack (but did not try to intervene). Harris is facing felony aggravated assault and making terroristic threats charges, the bail for which has been set at $35,000.

According to police, Harris, seen above in a family photo from her Facebook page, punched, kicked, and spat on Ferreira during the June 24 assault, which left the victim covered in blood and suffering from blurred vision.

Ferreira, a former McDonald’s worker, told cops that Harris accused her of spreading rumors about her and a McDonald’s manager. In the days before the assault, Harris called Ferreira to complain that gossip about her purported romantic relationship could result in her firing from the fast food restaurant.

Now on the run, Harris did not respond to a message sent to her by a TSG reporter via Facebook.