George Zimmerman's Lawyer Wants Jurors To See Photos Of Handgun, Pot Plants Found On Trayvon Martin's Cell Phone


In a bid to muddy up Trayvon Martin in advance of trial, a lawyer for George Zimmerman has released photos of a handgun and marijuana plants that were found on the late teenager’s cell phone.

In a court filing today, attorney Mark O’Mara listed documents and images he “intends to introduce into evidence” during the criminal case against Zimmerman, who has been charged with murdering Martin. The 17-year-old was shot to death in February 2012 by Zimmerman (who claims that he fired in self-defense while being attacked by the unarmed teenager).

Included in the photos that O’Mara says he wants jurors to see are two images extracted from Martin’s Huawei phone showing a Smith & Wesson handgun and clip. In one photo (seen above) the weapon appears to be held by the person who snapped the photo. The second photo shows the gun and clip atop what appears to be a soiled mattress.

Two other photos from Martin’s phone show potted marijuana plants.

O’Mara has also notified Florida prosecutors that he will try to introduce text messages from Martin’s phone. Those messages include exchanges dealing with Martin’s suspension from school for fighting and his mother’s decision that he needed to move in with his father (from whom she was divorced). “My mom just told me i gotta mov wit my dad,” read one November 2011 message that was followed up with a text noting, “She just kickd me out : (.”

Other texts on Martin’s phone appear to refer to his use of marijuana and the offer of a gun.

Days before Martin was killed, his father sent a text with advice about how his son should behave and show respect. “Show them that you a good kid and you want positive things around you. Be a big brother and not a DONKEY …… LOVE DAD.”

O’Mara also wants to introduce several photos of Martin, including one image (seen below) showing him giving two middle fingers to the camera.