Nebraska Woman, 36, Jailed For Walmart Parking Spot Rage Incident

Incensed that fellow shoppers took a spot she was waiting for in a Walmart parking lot, a Nebraska motorist subsequently sped toward the duo in her PT Cruiser, striking one of the victims, cops allege.

According to a Lincoln Police Department report, Julie and Christopher Weakly pulled into the parking spot Saturday evening, unaware that Kimberly Pankratius was waiting for it. In response, the 36-year-old Pankratius pulled up alongside the duo’s vehicle and called them “douche bags,” cops noted.

Julie Weakly, 40, told police that she and her husband ignored Pankratius’s comments “and continued walking towards the store.” Christopher Weakly, 39, said that he “inadvertently” took the spot for which Pankratius was waiting.

As they approached Walmart, both Weaklys heard tires squealing and saw Pankratius (seen at right) speeding towards them. As the car turned in front of them, Julie was struck in the arm by the driver’s side mirror. The impact caused the mirror to break and hang off the vehicle. Though she was in pain, Weakly declined medical treatment.

Christopher Weakly told police that the PT Cruiser--which sped away from the lot--was “only inches” away from hitting him.

Armed with the car’s license plate (which Julie recorded), police questioned Pankratius, who confessed to the parking lot rage incident. Saying that she “felt really bad,” Pankratius added, “I did do it. I’m so, so scared.”

Pankratius said that she was angry at the couple for taking her parking spot and was “attempting to drive fast towards them to scare them.” Claiming that she did not intend to hit anyone, Pankratius said that she became “scared” after realizing that she “hit Julie with her driver’s side mirror.” Police noted that Pankratius was “very cooperative and apologetic” while being questioned.

Pankratius was charged with two felonies, assault and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. She was booked into the Lancaster County jail, where she remains locked up in lieu of $2500 bond.