Ohio Cops Hunt Vile Serial Pooper Who Has Targeted Akron Vehicles

The police need your help in apprehending the notorious "Akron Pooper."

In a state that had already produced one “Poopgangsta,” Ohio cops are trying to identify the man for responsible for defecating on at least 20 vehicles since 2012.

As seen here, the suspect was photographed Tuesday by an Akron city worker who set out to determine who had pooped on his 34-year-old daughter’s car seven times in the past four months.

Police in Akron--previously best known as the birthplace of LeBron James--note that while the subject was photographed as he hovered over the hood of a 2004 Dodge Neon, he has also smeared excrement on door handles and even entered unlocked cars and pooped inside.

In one of the earliest reported defecations, a victim reported that someone had--for the second time--pooped on the passenger door of his Toyota. Cops noted that while “The excrement did not cause any damage to the car,” the vile act “did cause a big mess.”

A community Facebook page for the subdivision targeted by the suspect (who usually strikes between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM) is filling with accounts from neighbors who have been victimized. The comments include, “3 times on my car!,” “He pooped on mine 2x's!,” and “There was Poop on the hood of my car this past summer!!!!” A new mother wrote, “What is wrong with people! He got my daughter's overnight nurse's car a few months ago.” Another woman advised a friend, “here's the guy who pooped on your daughters car lol.”

Now that an image of the pasty suspect has been circulated, Akron cops have asked the public to phone tips into them at (330) 275-2552.