Cops: Ohio Woman, 50, Stabbed Boyfriend, 61, Because He Ate All Of Their Salsa

An Ohio woman stabbed her 61-year-old boyfriend in the stomach because he was guilty of “eating all of the salsa,” police report.

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, was arrested yesterday following the bloody confrontation inside the Akron apartment of victim Ronnie Buckner. Jefferson, seen at right, was charged with felony assault and criminal damaging, a misdemeanor.

According to an Akron Police Department report, Buckner told officers that the couple was noshing “when Jefferson started complaining to him about eating all of the salsa."

Jefferson, Buckner said, “for no reason started yelling, grabbed a pen and stabbed him on his left pelvis area.” Jefferson then allegedly tried to topple over Buckner’s TV set (which he caught before it crashed to the floor).

Jefferson then allegedly went into the kitchen and “grabbed a small kitchen knife and stabbed [Buckner] on the left side of the stomach.” When cops arrived at the residence, Buckner was holding his stomach in two places, “with blood on his hands and sweatshirt.”

Post-stabbing, Jefferson gathered up her belongings and drove away from the apartment in her Volvo. After being apprehended by cops, Jefferson said the reason she stabbed her beau was “because she wanted to leave.”