Confronting Nasty Stereotypes One Sign At A Time In Cordova, Alabama

Recovering from tornadoes that touched down in their city last month, residents of Cordova, Alabama are angry that Mayor Jack Scott has cited a local ordinance barring single wide mobile homes to be set up as temporary housing.

To show their displeasure with Scott’s trailer position--which some believe is rooted in economic discrimination--opponents have protested at public forums. As seen above, some have even brought along signs.

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I thought this post is about Cordova Alabama. But as soon as someone says something another does not like they have to bash the post and put that person down and it goes and goes from there to the point where some people are not even talking about the post anymore but having a personal war with eachother .I to have been guilty of this in past posts but after thinking about it it's not worth the time to give those who are doing this because they will keep doing it anyway.
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I rest my case.
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Sad that there are actually creatures low enough that'd they come here to mock and denigrate the victims of an horrendous natural disaster over a spelling error. Ironically, these same weasels can barely post one of their snide and condescending comments without multiple spelling and grammar errors themselves.