Probation For Florida Man Caught Swinging, Stomping On Stolen Alligator At 3:20 AM

The Florida Man charged with swinging a stolen alligator around by its tail at 3:20 AM has copped a plea deal that carries no jail time, but bars him from “ownership of animals,” according to court records.

William Hodge, 33, yesterday entered no contest pleas to felony and misdemeanor raps stemming from a bizarre July incident in Daytona Beach Shores.

Asked by police why he was abusing the alligator, Hodge reportedly replied that he was “teaching it a lesson.”

A Circuit Court judge sentenced Hodge, seen at right, to four years of probation and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. Additionally, Hodge was barred from owning animals and directed to stay away from Congo River Golf & Exploration, a miniature golf course that offers patrons the opportunity to feed and hold small alligators.

Hodge was arrested after cops spotted him trying to throw the purloined alligator onto the roof of a building. When his launch attempt failed, Hodge slammed the reptile to the ground and stomped on it. The alligator was subsequently returned to the general manager of Congo River (whose alligator enclosure is pictured below).