Only In Florida: Suspect, 20, Fleeing From Police Is Attacked By Alligator

A Florida man fleeing from cops following a traffic stop early today was attacked by an alligator during his escape attempt, investigators report.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Bryan Zuniga was driving around 2:45 AM when deputies sought to pull over the 20-year-old’s car for “failing to maintain a single lane.”

After bringing the vehicle to a stop, Zuniga--who was driving with a suspended license--allegedly bolted out the passenger door and escaped by kicking a hole through a nearby vinyl fence.

Zuniga’s escape, however, was marred when he crossed paths with an alligator near a water treatment plant about a mile from the traffic stop. The ensuing attack left Zuniga with “multiple puncture wounds to his face, arm and armpit.” 

Deputies located Zuniga, seen in the above mug shot, at a local hospital where he sought treatment for the alligator bites. Upon release from the hospital, Zuniga was arrested and booked into the county jail on several counts, including a felony charge of fleeing a law enforcement officer.

Zuniga is being held in lieu of $6300 bond. His four-legged attacker remains at large.