Anthony Weiner Used Queens Apartment As Backdrop For His Sexting Photographs

The real estate sales listing for Anthony Weiner’s two-bedroom Queens apartment answers the question as to where the disgraced politician was taking photos of himself for future distribution to female online acquaintances.

The Democrat’s “me and the pussys” photo was taken while he was seated on the couch in the living room of his Forest Hills coop. Weiner’s beefcake shot was taken in the apartment’s second bedroom, which he used as a home office. Had he angled the camera up slightly, his framed Kennedy for President poster would have been visible in the background.

As seen above (click to enlarge), images of the interior of the apartment Weiner shares with his wife Huma Abedin, who is reportedly pregnant, were included in online advertisments for the 850-square-foot residence, which hit the market last month priced at $449,000.

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Why are all of these GOP Bagger "men" HOMO-EROTICALLY OBSESSING over Weiner's wiener? Republicans were involved in 61% of sex scandals in the past 10 yrs Republicans accounted for 78.5% of all gay scandals & Republicans were involved in 66% of the underage scandals. the party of "family values" is an unethical, hypocritical joke. 225 RepubliCAN’Ts indicted in the Reagan/Bush administration (lOl!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsBfqrNoFXQ check out your GOP reps individually @ REPUBLICAN OFFENDERS http://www.republicanoffenders.com/ check out your GOP reps @ REPUBLICAN SEX OFFENDERS http://www.republicansexoffenders.com/
lOl @ all the comments by GOP Republican Baggers feigning *POUT-RAGE* over Anthony Weiner's private exchanges w/adult, willing participants. lOl @ the LIES about Dem cover-ups when the GOP is FULL of SCANDALS! Ensign, Cohburn, Vitter, etc. The GOP demanding Weiner resign didn't do the same for their own who broke actual Laws - shocker! David Vitter busted w/Hookers (immoral AND illegal) is a diaper wearing perv w/an adult baby fetish. Not only did you GOP HYPOCRITES not ask for his resignation, but you re-elected him! You're mad at Rangel 'cuz he didn't declare rental $ on a summer home in another country 1 year? Yet you're the SAME people giving SCOTUS Judge Clarence Thomas a pass for not declaring his TeaTard Wife's 3/4 of a million $ income for the past 20 years demagoguing Dems & the Healthcare's Affordable Care Act which he'll vote on unless he steps down? YOUR GOP POUT-RAGE IS PATHETIC & TRANSPARENT
Stonethrower = GOP Republican Bagger... REALLY? it's "difficult" to tell the diff btwn D's & R's? Not to people paying attention - your FALSE EQUIVALENCY btwn the Dem party & the GOP RepubliCAN'T Bagger party is a laughable joke There was a vote on Paul Ryan's craptastic budget - you know, the one that gives MORE tax cuts to the rich millionaires; the one that won't even begin to fix our debt until 2023; the one that destroys medicare/medicaid? NOT *1* DEM VOTED "YEA"... And only 4 GOP RepubliCAN'T Baggers jumped ship to stand with them. The rest voted to screw over "We the People" in lockstep... again. THE FACTS PROVE THE PARTIES ARE NOT THE SAME – STOP LYING.
So what was this pervert thinking? Was he laying the groundwork for a potential tryst with these underage girls? And for someone who is supposed to be "tech-savvy" didn't he even bother to consider that his pictures would one day see the light of day. C'mon. He has political enemies and since these days it has really become difficult to know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, tit seems the only way you can take a political opponent down is with a sex scandal. Really. When was the last time a politican was asked to resign because he voted against school lunches or denied working mothers a tax break? Now the guy has impregnated his wife who is just about as homely as he is and brought shame upon his unborn child. Which is going to be worse for this kid? A father who is unemployed? A father who is a pervert? or a father who is an unemployed pervert? Either way this shiftless, shady, bald-faced liar of a scum-sucking politican should resign. He won't though because he is a weasel. The type of guy who in high school reminded the teacher late on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend that she forgot to assign homework. The guy is a disgrace.
Has TSG finally stopped obfuscating for Weiner?
When is this story going to go away? When is Weiner going to go away?
Ewww...who'd want to buy and live in that apartment? There might be some Weiner 'leftovers' left behind on the floor or the walls...or even on the ceiling (did you see the size of that thing?) Either TSG is being fair and balanced by giving us another negative (kind of) report about a Democrat or they're just helping Weiner advertise his apartment. All I know is I don't want to see any more photos of his body, his beak or his smirky grin.
Clearly a Republican in Democrat's clothing.
And you are clearly a typical liberal douchebag. Have a nice day.
The report is there in print by a left leaning web site and alienmundo still can't accept the fact that a Democrat got caught being a pervert....again.