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  • Every so often, a law enforcement agency will place a fake mug shot into its online system for testing or training purposes. As a result, purported booking photos of Donald Duck, a llama, and a cop dressed up for a heavy metal show have been published.

    Until today, however, we’d never seen a purported arrest photo of a Double Down sandwich. But thanks to Florida’s Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, KFC’s bun-free abomination appeared today on a booking roster. Click here to expand the above image.

    The “Dummy Inmate” is listed as a 41-year-old white male who was released without bond this morning at 9:22.

  • The alleged stalker of Mark Zuckerberg claims that his life has been threatened in the wake of the filing of a restraining order against him by the Facebook CEO. In a phone interview, Pradeep Manukonda, 31, declined to say who was responsible for the purported threats.

    Manukonda, who is due in court next Tuesday for a hearing on Zuckerberg’s petition, this afternoon sent an e-mail to a TSG reporter offering a “public apology” for his actions, which he nonetheless chalked up to “miscommunication between us.” Manukonda, an Indian citizen, noted that, “I am ready to leave this country,” but added that “i am getting good offers from” Facebook’s competitors.

    To do what is unclear.

    Below you’ll find Manukonda’s letter, which claims that he first wrote to Zuckerberg at the direction of a Facebook project manager. An unnamed Facebook project manager.

    Hi  William

    I don't know how the news is creeping  into media , about  me leaving USA before I take any  decision , i want to clear all the  apprehensions arise  between me and mark

    I am security analyst my profession, and i was working for a project of mine when i gave a interview at facebook there are very much impress with my project and ask me submit my work to them which i do, later one of the project manager ask me to write a letter to mark asking him to help in your work I was mislead by some of the person who i met Know there are saying that i hacked there networks and its their project .I never hacked into any of there networks . Infact My computer is hacked ! In order to explain the my situation , I  tried to contact mark.But Its leads to miscommunication between us

    About the court restraining order, i have to attain the court this month feb 22 but i know things are going to  change we came to mutual understanding and we are making out of the court settlement. I was offered a very good amount for my work , which i declined Know i am feeling  very insecure and  threatened !

    I Have no complaints on anybody , I  am ready to leave this country ,eventhough i am getting good offers from their competitors I dreamt of coming to usa , to fulfill my dreams , i never thought that my name is going to associated with a person , who i admire  the most in this way if I  my actions hurts anybody  , in any sense , i am making a  public apology to  all of  them

    I know it too late for me to say anything about  this issue , if i keep silent , people are writing there own story ! I don't want to make any further controversial on this issue



  • Laboratory tests have confirmed that semen found in a yogurt sample consumed by a New Mexico woman matches the DNA of a grocery store employee who was suspected in the tainting case, according to police.

    The results linking Anthony Garcia, 31, to the revolting January 25 incident at Albuquerque’s Sunflower Farmers Market were received today by investigators, according to Sergeant Trish Hoffman, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson.

    Hoffman added that probers are mulling whether to file state or federal charges against Garcia in connection with the yogurt adulteration.

    A January 28 search warrant authorized police to obtain blood and DNA samples from Garcia, who was arrested on unrelated charges after the incident at the market. The warrant was secured after it was determined that the yogurt sample tested positive for “sperm cells” and saliva.

    According to a police report, the female victim, 28, was shopping with her daughter when approached by a “pushy” Garcia, who offered her the yogurt sample. After tasting it, the woman immediately thought the sample tasted “gross and disgusting” and, cops noted, “said it tasted like ‘semen.’”

  • The recent explosion in the distribution of “bath salts,” the designer drug of the moment, apparently is being driven by the unmatched markup prices realized by dealers.

    In a sworn affidavit, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent details the whopping return on investment that can be banked by “bath salt” distributors. The affidavit, excerpted here, was filed as part of a court application to search the office of an Ohio man accused of distributing the drug.

    According to DEA Agent Stacie Modesitt, the suspect paid $9000 to Kamud Drugs, a Mumbai, India firm, for 10 kilograms of mephedrone, the hallucinogenic stimulant resembling cocaine that is often referred to as “bath salts.” Modesitt noted that the “intended, legitimate use” for mephedrone “is as an ingredient in plant fertilizer.”

    After the 10 kilograms was repackaged into “packets” that are often sold at headshops, the 22 pounds of mephedrone would yield a street value of $1.6 million, Modesitt reported. So, the rate of return on a $9000 investment would be a tidy 17,800 percent.

    A recent spate of “bath salt” overdoses across the U.S. has prompted several states to ban the substance. Although it has not yet been scheduled as a controlled substance, the DEA has named “bath salts” as a drug of concern. In a statement last week, White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske called “bath salts” a “serious threat to the health and well-being of young people and anyone who may use them.” He added that, “the marketing and sale of these poisons as ‘bath salts’ is both unacceptable and dangerous.”

    bath salts, DEA, Ohio
  • What kind of woman assaults her boyfriend with a frozen steak because she can’t find room in the freezer to chill her booze?

    Meet Edna Verdin.

    The 47-year-old Louisianan became upset Sunday night when her bottle of “Tequila Rose,” a strawberry cream liqueur, would not fit in the freezer at her Houma home. She expressed her displeasure by removing a frozen slab of beef and flinging it at her boyfriend’s head, according to cops.

    The meat hit its mark, opening a bloody gash on the face of Jerry Voisin, her live-in 51-year-old beau.

    As a result, Verdin was arrested for aggravated battery, according to a press release from Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois. Verdin, seen in the above mug shot, is currently free on bond.

  • When the Wall Street Journal published a story in mid-November about a major FBI insider trading probe, Donald Longueuil sprung into action.

    Longueuil, 34, was managing director of Empire Capital Management and apparently believed that he could be a target of federal investigators examining hedge fund practices. So, according to a criminal complaint unsealed today (click here for an excerpt), Longueuil sought to destroy external hard drives and a USB drive.

    In a conversation with colleague Noah Freeman--who happened to be wearing an FBI wire--Longueuil gave a detailed account of how he “chopped up everything,” stuffed the shredded electronics into “four separate little baggies” (which he placed inside his North Face jacket) and then walked the streets of Manhattan at 2 AM to find four garbage trucks in which to throw “the shit in the back of.”

    When Freeman said, “I can see the Feds trying to find” the discarded material, Longueuil responded, “It’s all fuckin’ ripped apart…Everything’s gone.” When FBI agents checked surveillance video from Longueuil’s East Side condominium (where he owns a $1.725 million apartment), they spotted him on the morning in question departing his building at 1:52 AM and returning 41 minutes later. He appeared to be wearing a North Face jacket.

    Longueuil, a former speed skater, is pictured in the above photo. Charged with securities fraud, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice, Longueuil was arrested this morning by FBI agents and is due this afternoon for an appearance before a magistrate judge.

  • A federal judge has dismissed the civil rights lawsuit brought by a New York City man who was seeking $1.8 million in damages from a Las Vegas escort service whose female employee performed an “illegal sexual act” upon him.

    In a U.S. District Court order docketed today, Judge Loretta Preska rejected Hubert Blackman’s case, ruling that his “allegations do not suggest a basis for federal jurisdiction” as they did not “draw into question the interpretation or application of federal law.” Blackman, 22, last month filed a pro se lawsuit against Las Vegas Exclusive Personals alleging that his rights were violated (and he suffered mental distress) as a result of a $120 hand job provided by one of the firm’s escorts.

    Preska ruled that Blackman, pictured above, failed to “allege to a ‘reasonable probability’ that he has a cognizable claim in excess of $75,000,” the minimum amount needed to qualify for federal jurisdiction. She also noted that Blackman should not have filed his lawsuit in New York, but rather Nevada, where the supposed offense occurred.

    In an interview today, Blackman maintained that his case was valid, and said he had already filed an appeal. A check of online court records, however, revealed no record of that filing.

  • The college professor arrested this week for using Facebook to stalk and threaten a New Orleans cop created a phony profile stocked with photos of a journeyman hockey player best known for his epic on-ice brawls, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    “Michael LovesMayhem,” the phony online persona allegedly created by suspect Gary O’Bireck featured photos of a barrel-chested tattooed man toting a rifle and bayonet. Posing as the strongman, O’Bireck sent e-mails to an officer he accused of once raping his girlfriend, according to a felony criminal complaint.

    In fact, as pointed out by a TSG reader (apparently with an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure minor league hockey players) Mr. LovesMayhem is actually Mike Sgroi, a 6’ 4”, 240-pound forward currently playing for the Texas Brahmas of the Central Hockey League. In ten CHL games this season, the 32-year-old--who also competes as a mixed martial arts fighter--has accumulated 51 penalty minutes and one goal.

    Sgroi, who can be seen scrapping in this YouTube video, is pictured above.

    In an interview, Sgroi said that he was unaware that his photos had been hijacked and placed on the fake Facebook page central to the case against O’Bireck. Sgroi said that he does not know O’Bireck, adding that he believed the photos of him were lifted from his actual Facebook page, which boasts over 2000 friends.

    Though he initially seemed amused that his image had been misappropriated, Sgroi did express some concern that O’Bireck’s victim (and his cop friends) could come after him because of the photos. “Facebook has become more trouble than it’s worth,” he said.

  • A roadmap to the remarkable financial intertwine between Bernard Madoff and the owners of the New York Mets was provided to a bankruptcy court trustee by a former Madoff deputy who is awaiting sentencing for his role in the Ponzi scheme.

    As detailed by trustee Irving Picard, Frank DiPascali was the Madoff firm’s “assigned point of contact with respect to the day-to-day administration” of hundreds of accounts held by Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz and their associates.

    DiPascali, 54, pleaded guilty in mid-2009 to a 10-count felony information charging him with helping to run Madoff’s criminal operation for two decades. He has been cooperating with federal probes into the Ponzi scheme and is expected to appear as a government witness at trials of Madoff associates, according to a November letter filed by prosecutors in U.S. District Court.

    According to Picard, Arthur Friedman--general partner in Wilpon’s Sterling Equities and a Mets board member--“wrote hundreds of letters to DiPascali detailing transaction requests with respect to” hundreds of accounts opened by the Wilpon and Katz entities. Copies of this correspondence trove apparently are in the possession of Picard (and, presumably, federal investigators).

    DiPascali is pictured above in a United States Marshals Service mug shot.

  • A federal judge today unsealed a lawsuit filed against the owners of the New York Mets by the trustee representing victims of Bernard Madoff’s multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme.

    In the 373-page complaint, Irving Picard accuses Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz of improperly profiting from Madoff’s criminal operation and alleges that the businessmen knew (or should have known) that the disgraced investor was running a fraud ring.

    A PDF copy of Picard’s lawsuit can be downloaded here. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court complaint, filed in early-December, was originally sealed at Picard’s request in a bid to expedite settlement negotiations.

    In the complaint, Picard alleges that Wilpon and Katz realized $300 million in “fictitious profits,” money that the trustee wants the men to disgorge (Picard refers to the $300 million withdrawn as “other people’s money”). Additionally, Picard is seeking hundreds of millions more from the duo since they allegedly “willfully turned a blind eye to substantial indicia of Madoff’s fraud.”

    The complaint also reveals that Wilpon & Co. opened “coveted” Madoff accounts for 178 friends, business associates, and employees. These unnamed investors, Picard charges, “withdrew approximately $67 million in Fictitious Profits” from their Madoff accounts.

    The document became public after Picard yesterday filed a letter requesting that the complaint be unsealed. That move was not opposed by the defendants, who have complained bitterly about media leaks concerning the substance of the lawsuit. The parties are scheduled for a court appearance next week before federal Judge Burton Lifland, who today ordered the Picard complaint unsealed.

  • Meet Franck Lebrun.

    The French citizen was arrested last month for a drunken outburst on a Delta Air Lines flight bound for New York from Nice. Federal air marshals had to subdue the 34-year-old Lebrun after he repeatedly shoved a female flight attendant who caught him smoking in the plane’s bathroom.

    It was after being handcuffed by federal air marshals that an agitated Lebrun yelled this classic line: “I’m French, fuck you!”

    Lebrun, free on $10,000 bond, is pictured above in a United States Marshals Service mug shot provided in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

    In a recent court filing, Lebrun’s lawyer reported that he was negotiating an “expedited guilty plea” on behalf of his client, who had his passport seized. Lebrun, however, still maintains custody of that dashing sweater.

  • Iowa City cops are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man they believe was a witness to an arson fire Saturday night. To that end, police have released this composite sketch of the gentleman being sought for questioning.

    It is unknown whether other individuals were present at the blaze’s outset, or if the man in the sketch solely discovered fire.