Assaulting Your Boyfriend With A Frozen Steak Is No Way To Settle A Beef

What kind of woman assaults her boyfriend with a frozen steak because she can’t find room in the freezer to chill her booze?

Meet Edna Verdin.

The 47-year-old Louisianan became upset Sunday night when her bottle of “Tequila Rose,” a strawberry cream liqueur, would not fit in the freezer at her Houma home. She expressed her displeasure by removing a frozen slab of beef and flinging it at her boyfriend’s head, according to cops.

The meat hit its mark, opening a bloody gash on the face of Jerry Voisin, her live-in 51-year-old beau.

As a result, Verdin was arrested for aggravated battery, according to a press release from Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois. Verdin, seen in the above mug shot, is currently free on bond.

Comments (16)

I just figured she was legal since she was throwing steak and not burritos.
probably eating yogurt
Tequila Rose? That crap is only slightly more potent than strawberry Quik
Does this mean a herring has the strength to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest?
look's as thou she has seen better times. Guess that boyfriend should give her some meat and settle her ass down. Maybe he's not in the mood for loveing,. Can't blame him.
How could he be with a grade 2 concussion? Dude is all jacked up yo.