Oklahoman Whose Manhood Was Bitten By His Now Ex-Girlfriend Secures Court Protection Order

The Oklahoma man whose penis was bitten by his former girlfriend following an argument last week has secured a court protection order after providing a judge with an account of the assault.

In a handwritten District Court petition, Robert Lowery, 36, recalled the alleged February 19 attack by Amber Ellis, who is facing felony assault and maiming charges. Ellis remains locked up in a Tulsa jail on $45,000 bond.

The attack on Lowery came after the couple quarrelled following a night of drinking. Lowery told police that Ellis, 32, became upset when he declared that she was too “needy.”

“Went to sleep in the living room. She went to bed,” Lowery wrote in his petition. “I woke up to her assaulting me and trying to bite my penis off. Then she tried to bite my finger off. Then she hit me over my head with a laptop.” He added, “I ran out call my mother & went to the hospital.”

Lowery was treated for injuries to his head, neck, and fingers, and reportedly also received several stiches at the base of his penis.   

In response to Lowery’s petition, a judge ordered the imprisoned Ellis to have no contact with her former beau, from whom she must stay 100 yards away. A March 15 court hearing has been scheduled to determine whether a permanent order of protection will be granted.

Lowery and Ellis are seen above in a photo from Ellis’s Facebook page. The image, posted five months ago, is captioned, “I’m going to love you for the rest of my life.”