Cops: Mother Burned Teen Son’s Hands After He Found, Sold Her Pot Stash

Meet Zayma Flores.

Upon learning that her teenage son had found and then sold a bag of marijuana she had stashed in the family’s Florida home, Flores burned the boy’s hands over the kitchen stove, police charge. 

Flores’s husband told Orlando cops that last week he “noticed a bag of weed was missing from under the master bathroom sink.” In short order, Armando Flores determined that his 15-year-old stepson had removed the pot and gave it to a friend.

When Armando told his wife about the boy taking the pot, she responded with a punishment that resulted in her arrest Sunday on a felony child abuse charge (and the removal of her children from the family’s residence). According to an arrest affidavit, the boy suffered burns to his palms after “putting his hands on the kitchen stove.”

It appears that the teen mistakenly believed that the marijuana was his sister’s and that he decided to take the pot so that she “would not use it.”

Pictured above, Flores was released on bond yesterday from the Orange County jail. A judge has ordered her to have no contact with her son, who is living with his sister at a relative’s home.