Georgia Mom, 35, Who Hosted Underage Sex, Drugs Party Also Took Naked Bubble Bath With Teens

The Georgia woman arrested for hosting an underage sex and drugs party lost custody of her children earlier this month after a judge found that she participated in a “multi-party bubble bath” with teenagers and regularly left her five offspring home alone overnight to be with her boyfriend, according to court records.

A week before her arrest, Rachel Lehnardt, 35, appeared in court for a hearing triggered by an emergency motion filed by her husband James, a 37-year-old Iraq War veteran who is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

In February, Lehnardt (seen at right) filed for divorce from her husband, who she married in July 2000. The couple has been separated for more than six months.

Lehnardt’s estranged spouse argued that she was unfit to share custody of the couple’s five children (aged eight to 16) due to a variety of “immoral and improper behavior.” For example, he alleged that an intoxicated Lehnardt engaged in "a game of nude twister and bubble bath" with the couple’s 16-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old boy, offered “advice to teenagers less than 17 years of age about oral, anal, and vaginal sex,” and transported “Truant 16 year olds” to a lake.

Lehnardt also charged that his wife abused marijuana, abandoned their children, and is involved in a relationship with a man who claims to use marijuana and Ecstasy (and has said he has taken LSD). The allegations appear based on information provided by the couple’s four daughters and one son.

During an April 7 court hearing, a Superior Court judge offered Lehnardt the opportunity to "undergo an analysis of her blood, urine, or hair follicles" to counter allegations of drug use. She declined, citing her privilege against self-incrimination. Similarly, Judge J. Wade Padgett wrote, Lehnardt refused to answer questions about the “circumstances surrounding a multi-party bubble bath” involving “teenage children” and whether she left her kids “alone at night for up to two and one-half weeks in each month to be with her boyfriend.”

Padgett ruled that the drug, bubble bath, and abandonment charges leveled against Lehnardt were true, according to a court order. As for other claims about salacious--and illegal--conduct, Padgett noted that he was required by law to report them to police.

It is unclear whether the jurist contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office before Lehnardt’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor told deputies that Lehnardt had confided the details of her involvement in a recent teenage sex, drugs, and naked Twister party at her residence.

Padgett awarded temporary custody of the couple’s five children to their paternal grandparents.

In a court filing, James Lehnardt reported that he is “medically retired from the US Army with 100% disability” and is being treated for PTSD and “Anxiety/Depression Disorder.” Lehnardt also revealed that he is being treated for “sexual addiction to pornography,” but added that he “did not participate in any of the wife’s current behavior during the marriage.”