GAG: Woman, 59, Tossed Bucket Of Human Waste In Landlord's Face, Cops Report

A Florida Woman was arrested Saturday for allegedly tossing a bucket of human waste in the face her landlord, according to a charging affidavit that nobody needs to read.

Joanne Mercader, 59, was collared following a confrontation in the mobile home she rents from the 65-year-old victim. Seen above, Mercader was busted for battery on a person 65 or older, a felony.

The victim told sheriff’s deputies that she had previously arranged with Mercader to “check on broken items within the residence” in Osteen, a Volusia County community.

When the victim received no response to her knocking, she opened the trailer door and was “met with a full bucket of human feces being thrown into her face.” The victim’s account of the vile incident was confirmed by two witnesses interviewed by police.

When a deputy first encountered the landlord, she was “completely covered in feces that was dripping wet.”

After initially claiming that the victim had attacked her, Mercader admitted to “throwing the bucket of feces on [the landlord] as soon as she entered the residence.” Mercader claimed she had intended to use a bucket of water, “but got the two buckets confused.”

The court affidavit does not reveal why Mercader had a bucket of feces at her fingertips. Nor does the document address a motive for the alleged attack.

Body camera footage shows that responding deputies were bewildered by the trailer scene. “Both of them are covered in crap,” one cop said, referring to Mercader and the landlord. “There is poop everywhere,” another deputy remarked.  

Mercader was booked into the county jail Saturday evening and released from custody yesterday on her own recognizance. She has been ordered to have no contact with the victim.