Cursing Howard Stern Sidekick Disrupts CNN Live Shot With Nancy Grace Diss

A Howard Stern sidekick this afternoon disrupted a live CNN broadcast and could be heard cursing as he was hustled out of the camera’s view.

As CNN correspondent Maggie Lake began a report about the first day of sales of the new Steve Jobs biography, Benjamin Bronk jumped in front of Lake, who was standing in front of a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan.

As seen above, the 44-year-old Bronk--in a “Dancing with the Stars” reference--yelled about supporting David Arquette, a Stern favorite and frequent guest on his SiriusXM radio program. Bronk also screamed, “No Nancy Grace!” Arquette and Grace, who hosts a shown on HLN, a CNN sister network, are among the final seven celebrity contestants on the ABC dance competition.

As Bronk is pulled offscreen by the scruff of his neck, he screams, “Ow, ow, ow! What the fuck you doing motherfucker!”

Most recently, Bronk was seen disrupting the press conference at which disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner announced his resignation.