For Sale: Fresh Video Of The Troubled Offspring Of A Celebrity Couple

"I'm an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with a client who has high quality video footage of a famous celebrity's daughter (she's already 18) smoking marijuana from a water bong and discussing using other drugs as well."

The above unsolicited offer landed in our tip box this afternoon courtesy of Eckhart Blackert, an attorney with Mills & Hoopes in Lawrenceville, Georgia. In a phone conversation, Blackert explained that he is marketing a fresh seven-minute video--shot this past weekend--featuring Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina.

In return for signing a confidentiality agreement, Blackert, 32, offered to provide a 547 megabyte clip, which was shot by a “friend” who partied with the teenager. The attorney assured us that the video he is “shopping around” shows different drug use than is depicted in photos recently sold to/published by the National Enquirer.

Since TSG does not pay for stories or tips, Blackert and his client will have to seek their fortune elsewhere (which means look for that TMZ or Radar Online “EXCLUSIVE” in the next few days).

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Maybe because you were perving and judging some photos you don't have any business seeing. Their photographer did a great job.
Ah, more of those fine southern values I keep hearing we need to get back to. Apparently the wife appreciates a good douche so much she married one.
No more of a douche than the person who wrote this article. tsg should appreciate guys like him because they help tsg do their job of entertaining us. And certainly no more of a douche than the perverts commenting about the guy's wife.
TSG should see if he is willing to market a video of his wife instead! I'm in for a copy.
How'd the fatty get the hottie? And what's up with the red bathtub?!
I'm trying to figure out what his wife, being overweight, and a red bathtub have to do with selling content.