Florida Woman Busted For DUI Tells Cop, “This Is What I Get For Being A Bridesmaid”

A Florida woman arrested for drunk driving early this morning expressed the feelings of many other females forced to take part in someone else’s wedding when she told cops, “This is what I get for being a bridesmaid.”

Lesley Falcone, 27--whose Facebook page just hours before the bust noted, “First bachelorette meeting, drink snacks and meeting new people!!!”--was pulled over after an officer allegedly saw her driving almost 20 miles per hour over the speed limit while drifting into oncoming traffic.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report, Falcone, pictured in the mug shot at left, did poorly on a number of field sobriety tests and refused to continue with the “walk and turn” test. After telling the deputy, “’I’m done and I don’t want to look like a fool,’” she was placed under arrest and charged with DUI.

While being transported to jail, Falcone "spontaneously" admitted to drinking during and after dinner and placed the blame for her predicament squarely on her status as a "bridesmaid." She was released from custody after posting $1500 bond.