Drunk Man, 51, Wearing Pink Lingerie Busted For Indecent Exposure, Other Charges

A man wearing “pink lingerie under his lowered sweatpants” was arrested yesterday after being found passed out with his penis in his hands inside a stolen Buick sedan that was stopped in the middle of a busy Pittsburgh intersection, police report.

Daniel Marchese, 51, was collared Monday afternoon by police who discovered him with "his pants lowered to the middle of his thighs." Two witnesses told cops that they spotted Marchese “masturbating and passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle.”

As reported by the Tribune-Review's Megan Guza, Marchese scuffled with officers who took him into custody. When asked if he had ID, Marchese repled, “How about fuck you, your mother’s a nigger loving whore.” Things went downhill from there, according to a criminal complaint which does not further address Marchese’s pink lingerie.

Pictured above, Marchese was charged with an assortment of crimes, including aggravated assault, indecent exposure, drunk driving, receiving stolen property, firearms possession, and making terroristic threats.

A police search of the car’s trunk turned up two handguns. Officers also seized an open bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, which was found wedged between Marchese’s left leg and the driver’s side door.

Marchese, arraigned today on the felony and misdemeanor counts, has been unable to post his $35,000 bail, so he remains locked up in the Allegheny County jail. Marchese’s lengthy rap sheet includes busts for drug possession; endangering the welfare of a child; possession of drug paraphernalia; assault; disorderly conduct; harassment; public drunkenness; theft; trespass; and receiving stolen property.