Why Do Snack Companies Enjoy Making Fun Of The Catholic Church?

What is it with snack companies and their mocking of Catholics? As you might have read, a commercial submitted for the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest has been yanked from consideration because of its offensive nature.

The spot, created by Media Wave Video Productions in Philadelphia, substitutes Doritos for the Eucharist and Pepsi for wine representing the blood of Christ. The ad is dubbed “Feed the Flock."

As seen above (click to enlarge), Lipton--in a bid to sell its onion dip--once produced print ads showing a Catholic churchgoer preparing to dunk a Holy Communion wafer in a bowl of dip. Unilever, Lipton’s parent company, apologized for its blasphemy--but only after consumers and church officials condemned it.

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Wow! I've always known the Catholics, wear their shorts way too tight and it strangely enough makes absolute sense that an atheist, a non-believer with blaspheme oozing out of his pores would come to the Catholic's defense. HA! Go figure! Personally, I'm on the fence. But I have to agree how COULD we, ANYONE offend such a wonderful, kind and fair institution! Why, these are the wonderful folks who, in the name of God, tortured, murdered and burned innocent people at the stake during the Inquisition(s)! Assisted, condoned and were in bed with the murderers of millions during the Nazi era! These are the blessed people of God who for years have helped hide pedophiles and denied it was happening (even as it ruined people's lives) right up to the bitter end! So puh-leeze someone tell me how ANYONE could offend the Catholic church when it seems to me NO ONE can do it any better than they have/can. (Offend the Catholic church? Gimme a break! That's like saying it would be possible to offend Satan, lmfao) My gosh, even Onlywayne was offended and ready to hurl. Would it have been green chunks there, Ow? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! What a joke.