Ex-Con Arrested After Leaving Daughter, 5, Alone In Haunted House On Halloween

An ex-con whose rap sheep overflows with felonies left his five-year-old daughter by herself at a Florida haunted house on Halloween night, according to cops who arrested him for child neglect.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Charles Shawntay Jones, 35, dropped the child off at a haunted house in Brevard County Thursday evening and “never attempted to go back to the aforementioned haunted house.”

Police were summoned to the haunted house after the girl was found unsupervised there. The scared child, cops say, was cared for by a witness while others sought to locate adults responsible for her.

Cops subsequently received a phone call from Jones, who agreed to meet with them at a local precinct. Investigators estimated that Jones left the girl “unattended, with no reasonable effort to provide for her care for a minimum of two-and-a-half hours.”

Jones, seen above, was arrested for child neglect. After a day in custody, he bonded out of the county jail upon posting $3000. Jones is scheduled for arraignment on the misdemeanor count on December 3.

Jones’s rap sheet includes convictions for armed robbery; aggravated assault; narcotics possession; cocaine sales; and resisting on officer with violence. Since 2003, he has spent a total of more than 11 years in state prison (on two separate cases). He last was released by the Florida Department of Corrections in April 2018.