America's Oldest Crack Dealer To Celebrate Her 89th Birthday In Prison

The country’s oldest crack dealer was sentenced this week to 18 months in prison, where she will celebrate her 89th birthday before being released.

Ola Mae Agee, 87, was convicted at trial this week of a felony charge of selling cocaine to an undercover cop in Florida. As previously reported, Agee was nabbed in May for selling crack from her Pensacola home. The hand-to-hand transaction was videotaped by investigators with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

A jury found Agee guilty after just 20 minutes of deliberation, according to court records. The felonious octogenarian is pictured here in a mug shot snapped after she was taken into custody following the October 26 verdict.

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This is another of those articles where I ask myself, "I wonder, what is the race of the person involved?" only to find that the answer is, again, the same.
Had it been "America's oldest METH dealer.." would your wonderment been fulfilled? How about "America's oldest serial killer?"
oh, sorry, I forgot. White people don't sell drugs!
Guess she don't hear the message that drug dealing is unlawful by watching The Price (of crack) Is Right, Wheel of (Mis)Fortune, & (Double) Jeopardy! Reruns of Password might be fitting...