Despite Promise To Surrender, Rap Music Figure Remains A Federal Fugitive

Despite a promise that he would surrender to law enforcement officials, rap music manager James Rosemond remains a fugitive and is being sought by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and federal marshals.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Rosemond, 46, in connection with his alleged leadership role in a trafficking ring that shipped kilos of cocaine across the country. Two weeks ago, DEA agents arrived at Rosemond’s Brooklyn home seeking to execute the warrant, but only found his wife at the residence.

On Monday, Rosemond released a statement to a hip-hop web site asserting his innocence and excoriating the “opportunistic prosecutors with a personal vendetta against me.” Claiming he was only interested in a “fair trial and to not be railroaded as they so eagerly want to do,” Rosemond closed by stating, “That’s all I want and I’ll turn myself in today.”

But Rosemond, whose roster of clients include rapper The Game and singer Sean Kingston, has yet to follow through on his promise (despite some press reports to the contrary). A federal law enforcement source told TSG that both DEA agents and the United States Marshals Service are “actively looking for him.”

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Is it common practice for the authorities to just let criminals promise to do the right thing or is that just reserved for 'certain' people, lately? Rosemond is no fool as far as not turning himself in. He's probably hoping that Obama's justice dept. will influence the DEA to leave him alone. I'll wager that he's already written Obama a letter, asking for leniency since he's black and 'down with the struggle'.
Or maybe it's because he's rich and has connections so he's probably found a good hiding place. God, everything's a conspiracy with you people. And of course you're a racist. Why am I not surprised.
Ask glenn beck, he knows everything.