Paris Hilton Mug Shot Tally Reaches Three (And Counting)

Paris Hilton is seen here in the third mug shot of her young career.

Hilton, 29, was arrested last night after a bag of cocaine fell out of her purse during a traffic stop on the Las Vegas Strip. Imagine the poor girl's luck. Her boyfriend’s car was pulled over by a cop who smelled marijuana wafting from the SUV (presumably a la Cheech & Chong in "Up in Smoke").

The results of the dopey heiress’s previous booking photo sessions can be seen here. TSG's collection of 400+ celebrity mug shots can be found here.

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Seeing rich and famous celebs in the news especially when its all about doing things against the law is not new to us. Paris Hilton is doing what she does best yet again, and is all around the headlines for it. It seems that a quiet night at home is impossible for her; she has been arrested yet once again. Apparently, she can learn to get a cab, however not to leave her illegal drugs at home. She was caught in Las Vegas for having cocaine on her person. She has already been arrested twice for carrying weed, so one would figure she would learn.
I did'nt know white girls wore hair extentstions.thats right there with white guys failing miserably with cornrows.
DAMN!!!!!!! I was just at the ccdc visiting a friend. I must have missed it by minutes!
I hope she had her Hairtech extensions in for the mug shot, so that she isn't sued again for wearing the wrong hair extensions.
An STD-infested, talentless 'celebrity' gets busted for being a POS. Yawn.
i would like to see them lined up in order. i think it would be funnier that way. appreciate it, thank you.