Landlord Recorded Having Sex In Tenants's Bed Now Free On Bond Following Arrest

The Colorado landlord who was recorded on a home security camera having sex in his tenants’s bed is free on bond following his arrest on trespass and obscenity charges, records show.

Carlos Quijada-Lara, 39, was busted last week and spent two days in jail before his release from custody. Seen in the adjacent mug shot, Quijada-Lara was scheduled for a hearing today in El Paso County Circuit Court.

As TSG reported on December 2, Quijada-Lara is accused of illegally entering the Colorado Springs apartment of Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio in late-November. A motion detection camera in the condo’s bedroom recorded Quijada-Lara and another man having sex on the married couple’s bed.

During their six-minute encounter, Quijada-Lara and his partner are seen engaging in oral and anal sex. When finished, Quijada-Lara’s acquaintance wiped his genitals with one of DiGiulio’s dresses. The soiled garment, Pierce told TSG, had been worn by his wife at the pair’s wedding in March.

Pierce and DiGiulio rented the $1100-a-month apartment from Quijada-Lara after responding to a Craigslist ad in July. The couple vacated the premises after discovering that it had been used as a hook-up spot while they were away at work.

Quijada-Lara (left) and his partner are seen disrobing in the below screenshot from the security video. Quijada-Lara’s partner has not been charged.