Shooting Suspect Linked To Compton Street Gang By Own Face, Mustache

Meet Jose Martinez.

The 27-year-old California man was arrested early Sunday for allegedly shooting at a vehicle in Sacramento. Martinez, a parolee, was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to his face, Martinez appears affiliated with a Los Angeles-based Latino gang known as Compton Varrio 155. As for his forehead ink, it appears that Martinez opted for a Blackletter font (Fraktur, perhaps?).

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WHAT! This fine young man is a parolee? I'm shocked I tell you SHOCKED I say! I would have thought this excellent example was a physicist or doctor.
LOL! I believe he was STUDYING to be a physicist at the time of his first incarceration. It is unfortunate that the police had to go and interrupt this poor fellow's education, when all he wanted to do was be a difference maker!
tatooed for life. They must not give a shait how it looks. People look at you like a freak.
now we will waste tax payers money to keep him in prison, again... just shoot him and get it over with...
As a career criminal and meth-head, Jose Martinez does not expect to live long, and in the world where he lives, it makes sense for him to tattoo himself this way. He will never pay any penalty for his appearance, unless maybe he falls into the hands of an opposing Hispanic, black or white supremacist gang in prison. Goodbye, Jose.
Good post. I hadn't looked at it this way.
The only "real" place for this ilk is either prison (which apparently he likes) or the bottom of a river. At least in Fla he could be used as gatorbait!
If he ever wants to be in the "Real" world those tats have to go!!!!!
a face not even a mother can love. what an idiot.