Naked Connecticut Man, 81, Arrested For Illegally Communing With Nature

A Connecticut octogenarian is facing criminal charges after he was spotted, sans clothing, “humping” a bush outside his home, police report.

Wallace Berg, 81, was arrested Monday on public indecency and breach of peace charges in connection with the incident last month at his Stratford residence.

According to cops, a neighbor called 911 to report that Berg was walking around his backyard in the nude and had communed with a bush.

The neighbor, who filmed Berg’s antics and later showed the video to police, told cops that he confronted the pensioner. In response, Berg “stopped the indecent behavior, covered himself with a grill cover, apologized to him and then went into the house,” police reported.

Berg, a retired embalmer, is free on $10,000 bond and is scheduled for an August 5 Superior Court hearing.

As seen above, while the backyard of Berg’s modest ranch home is ringed by bushes, the plantings did not keep him out of view of onlookers, police noted.