Convicted Felon Busted For Coronavirus Coughing "Prank" At Walmart

Meet Robert Eugene Heffner.

The 26-year-old North Carolina nitwit is behind bars after being arrested for allegedly coughing at a Walmart shopper and then declaring that he had the coronavirus, police say.

Heffner was at a Walmart near his home in Belmont, a city 15 miles west of Charlotte, when he “purposely coughed at a customer” and claimed to be infected with COVID-19.

After police were contacted about Heffner’s antics, he was arrested Friday evening on a misdemeanor public health charge since his “action could create fear in the customer and the public at large,” according to an arrest warrant.

Heffner, who has not exhibited any coronavirus symptoms, appears to have been playing a prank on the Walmart shopper.

Pictured above, Heffner is being held in the Gaston County jail.

According to court and prison records, Heffner is a convicted felon who is serving a two-year probation sentence for a 2019 conviction for breaking and entering in automobiles. His rap sheet also includes collars for marijuana possession and probation violation.