Tip: You Should Never Hide Your Drugs And Paraphernalia Inside A Crown Royal Bag

This is a tip for anyone seeking to successfully hide their narcotics and drug paraphernalia from the police:

Do not place your illegal items inside a Crown Royal bag. You are not fooling anyone.

Though the iconic bag shows that you are a discerning consumer of blended Canadian whisky, cops know that your felt enclosure with the gold tasseled drawstring does not, in fact, contain booze.

For example, as seen in the below police report excerpts (click to enlarge), here is what cops have found this month in Crown Royal bags, both purple and green:

* Crystal meth:

* Marijuana:

* Crack cocaine pipes and drug paraphernalia:

* More marijuana:

* Unmarked pill bottle and a “commercial sized thermometer”:

While stashing illegal items in a Crown Royal bag appears to be gaining in popularity, the practice of hiding rocks of crack cocaine inside empty Krazy Glue tubes remains the drug trade’s most frequently seen repurposing of a commercial product for concealment needs.