Motorist Tried To Frame Her Own Dog In Hit-And-Run Accident, Told Cops To Arrest Pooch

A suspect in a hit-and-run accident blamed the crash on her dog, telling a patrolman that he should arrest the pooch, police report.

Christina Lamoreaux, 33, was involved last week in a one-vehicle crash outside her residence in Wildwood, Florida. Witnesses told cops that Lamoreaux “had left the scene and entered her own apartment.”

During a police interview, Lamoreaux (seen at right) copped to fleeing the accident scene, but added that she “did not need to stay there due to the fact that she would pay for the damage.”

Lamoreaux, who smelled of booze, then blamed the accident on her dog, though a police report does not detail the animal’s purported role in the crash. She then contended that, “I should arrest her dog,” noted Officer Matthew Reynolds.

Instead of caging the canine, Reynolds arrested Lamoreaux, who subsequently failed a series of field sobriety tests at the Sumter County jail. She is facing charges for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Free on $2500 bond, Lamoreaux is scheduled for an August 26 arraignment on the misdemeanor counts.

Last month, Lamoreaux posted to Facebook a photo (seen at left) showing her dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car. “The best road trippin friend… No backseat driving and no comments/complaints on the music choices,” the image was captioned.