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    A Florida Man whose Ford truck carries a “Don’t Drink & Drive” bumper sticker was arrested Friday night for drunk driving after he “rear ended a stopped vehicle in front of him,” cops report.

    Sergio Ferreira, 56, was driving “about 35-40 mph” when he slammed into a car at an intersection near his home in Largo. The impact caused the second vehicle to go forward and strike another car.

    The occupants of the other autos did not require hospital treatment.

    When contacted by police, Ferreira “staggered as he walked, swayed as he stood” and smelled of alcohol. Seen above, Ferreira, who refused to provide a breath sample, was arrested after performing poorly on a series of field sobriety tests.

    Ferreira reportedly told police that he had consumed “four 18-20 ounce” cans of Busch Light beer “earlier in the night prior to driving.”

    Ferreira was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor DUI involving property damage charge. He was released from custody early Saturday after posting $500 bond.

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    After driving his car into a ditch, an Illinois man who reeked of booze explained to police that the reason they smelled alcohol on his breath was because he had “been making out with his girlfriend this evening and she had been drinking.”

    As detailed in a Peoria County Sheriff's Office report, Trevor Smith drove a Dodge Charger off the road early Saturday evening in a single-vehicle accident. Deputies responding to the crash scene noted that Smith, who turns 21 tomorrow, appeared intoxicated. Additionally, they reported detecting the odor of burnt marijuana in the vehicle, and discovered an open bottle of vodka in the car.

    Smith, who twice declined to provide a breath sample and denied having consumed alcohol, was arrested for DUI after failing a series of field sobriety tests.

    Pictured above, Smith “told deputies the reason he smelled like alcohol was that he had been making out with his girlfriend this evening and she had been drinking.” He added, for some unknown reason, that “he made love to his girlfriend because 'We make love, we’re all adults here.’”

    Though entirely plausible, Smith’s post-arrest odor transference explanation did not prompt deputies to void criminal charges.

    Smith, records show, had been arrested a week earlier, also for DUI (he was nabbed on November 11 by Illinois State Police officers). Smith, who lives in Galesburg, a city 45 miles from Peoria, is free on bond in both misdemeanor cases.

    DUI, Illinois
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    Meet Franklin Redfearn.

    After the bug-eyed Louisianan, 27, was arrested Friday evening for narcotics possession, he told cops “the devil framed him.”

    Responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person, police found Redfearn standing on a porch of a residence in West Monroe. According to a police report, Redfearn lives about 20 miles away in the town of Eros.

    As a sheriff’s deputy approached him, Redfearn allegedly threw a white pill bottle containing methamphetamine into the yard.

    After being read his rights, Redfearn “stated the devil framed him.” Despite that compelling explanation, Redfearn was arrested on a felony narcotics possession count and booked into the local jail, where he is being held on $3000 bond.

    Redfearn appears to be the sole individual charged in the meth case, according to court records that do not name any codefendants or personifications of evil.

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    In a remarkable courtroom pummeling, a federal judge today branded a notorious copyright lawyer an inveterate liar who undertook a “concerted campaign of deception” that has left her questioning the attorney’s “fitness to practice.”

    In a 70-minute hearing in her White Plains, New York courtroom, Judge Cathy Seibel this morning delivered a blistering denunciation of Richard Liebowitz’s behavior in connection with a civil lawsuit he brought last year on behalf of a photographer.

    As detailed in a TSG story published Monday, Liebowitz (seen at right) lied to Seibel when asked to explain why he failed to show up for an April 12 court hearing. Liebowitz claimed that his grandfather had died on the morning of the hearing, and that, “I needed to immediately arrange to be with my family during this difficult time.” Liebowitz told Seibel, “In the Jewish religion certain customs needed to be done before the Sabbath that I needed to assist in. I truly hope the Court understands this emergency.”

    The truth, TSG discovered, was that Liebowitz’s maternal grandfather, 93-year-old Jaime Radusky, passed away the morning of April 9 at a Manhattan hospital.

    Suspecting that Liebowitz was not being honest about the death of his kin, Seibel spent more than six months trying to get the attorney to provide proof of his grandfather’s demise. In repeated sworn court submissions, Liebowitz attested to the truthfulness of his claims, while refusing to provide Seibel with any of the documentation she requested (like a death certificate).

    Flanked by a pair of criminal defense lawyers, Liebowitz appeared this morning in Seibel’s courtroom in response to a November 1 judicial order warning that he would be arrested if he failed to show up. Seibel’s order noted that she had already found him in contempt of two prior orders.

    As she recounted the “whole sordid chronology” of the matter, Seibel referred to the “very tangled web of lies” spun by Liebowitz, who has filed more than 1000 federal copyright lawsuits during the past several years. Liebowitz, who founded a small Long Island law firm, has practiced for less than five years.

    Referring to Liebowitz’s claim that his grandfather’s death came a day before the Sabbath--which purportedly required him to assist in certain Jewish religious customs--Seibel said this was when the lawyer “made the decision to tell an outright lie” in an effort to “intentionally deceive the court.” The judge added that Liebowitz “knows right from wrong,” but was not concerned about “staying on the right side of that line.”

    Seibel, pictured at left, stated that Liebowitz knew he was lying about the date of his grandfather’s death, but “chose to repeat that lie six, eight, ten times” in court filings that the jurist said were part of a “long-term campaign of deception.” Liebowitz, Seibel remarked, “double-downed, triple-downed, quadrupled-downed, octupled-down, I don’t know what would come after that.”

    “I question Mr. Liebowitz’s fitness to practice,” Seibel said at one point during the hearing.

    Seibel said that it seemed Liebowitz thought that if he could drag the court proceedings out, that she would lose interest in him. Referring to the “multiple lies” offered by Liebowitz, Seibel said, “I’m sure he’s disappointed I didn’t go away.”

    In an attempt to counter Seibel’s devastating dissection, Richard Greenberg, one of Liebowitz’s lawyers, said his client was “not playing with a full deck,” adding that he shared the judge’s “mystification” as to Liebowitz’s behavior. Greenberg claimed that Liebowitz “was in a daze” following his grandfather’s death, and than any misrepresentations on the lawyer’s part were not “intentful.”

    Seibel dismissed that claim, noting that it was “completely implausible” that Liebowitz’s “haze” continued for the many months he “tried to weedle his way out of the problem.”

    Seibel was equally unsparing when Greenberg described Liebowitz as a “young, inexperienced, somewhat immature lawyer.” The jurist replied that she was “not really super-sympathetic” to the young lawyer argument, since attorneys know not to lie and understand their ethical responsibilities.

    Noting the significance of a lawyer who “intentionally lies to the court,” Seibel said she has referred the Liebowitz matter to the Grievance Committee for review and possible disciplinary sanctions. Seibel added that her contempt rulings against Liebowitz will require him to disclose the sanctions to other courts and prospective clients.

    In a letter to Seibel, Greenberg argued that the contempt findings against Liebowitz will damage his legal career.

    Near the close of the hearing, Liebowitz briefly addressed Seibel, saying he was “really, really sorry” and that his repeated misstatements were “really an honest mistake.”

    Seibel, however, was having none of it. “Stop kidding yourself,” she told Liebowitz after referring to his months and months of lies. “This was clearly not an honest mistake,” she said. Rather, it was a “concerted campaign of deception.”

    During the hearing, Greenberg referred to a letter he submitted yesterday under seal to Seibel (who plans on publicly docketing the missive later today). In that communication, Greenberg reported that he “recommended Richard seek pyschotherapy,” as well as professional help in managing his firm. [11/14 UPDATE: Click here to download Greenberg’s 25-page submission to Seibel.]

    Referring to those remedial efforts, Seibel suggested that Liebowitz bring the transcript from today’s hearing with him when he arrives for his initial session with a mental health professional. “You need to do some introspection,” she told Liebowitz. “It’s time to start facing the facts.”

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    A Florida Man pulled over Sunday night for driving recklessly told police that he “needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife,” according to an arrest affidavit.

    Cops report that Jon Earl Pickard, 52, was behind the wheel of a 2015 Honda that was going in excess of 90 mph in a 55 mph zone on U.S. Route 19.

    When stopped by a Tarpon Springs Police Department officer around 7:30 PM, Pickard was apparently en route to his Palm Harbor residence following an extramarital assignation. Pickard reportedly “indicated his driving was reckless and endangering because he needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife.” 

    Seen above, Pickard was busted for reckless driving, a misdemeanor. But when cops searched him post-arrest, they found a baggie with crack cocaine in his shirt pocket, leading to an additional felony drug possession count. Pickard, police reported, “spontaneously said he had just purchased it for $50.00.”

    Pickard was released from the county jail late Sunday night after posting $2250 bond. He is scheduled for a December 5 court appearance.

    Pickard was arrested in March for domestic battery following a confrontation with his 55-year-old wife in their residence. Pickard allegedly shoved and scratched his spouse during an argument. After Pickard’s wife requested that her husband not be prosecuted on the misdemeanor count, the case was dropped by the State Attorney’s office.

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    An ex-con whose rap sheep overflows with felonies left his five-year-old daughter by herself at a Florida haunted house on Halloween night, according to cops who arrested him for child neglect.

    As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Charles Shawntay Jones, 35, dropped the child off at a haunted house in Brevard County Thursday evening and “never attempted to go back to the aforementioned haunted house.”

    Police were summoned to the haunted house after the girl was found unsupervised there. The scared child, cops say, was cared for by a witness while others sought to locate adults responsible for her.

    Cops subsequently received a phone call from Jones, who agreed to meet with them at a local precinct. Investigators estimated that Jones left the girl “unattended, with no reasonable effort to provide for her care for a minimum of two-and-a-half hours.”

    Jones, seen above, was arrested for child neglect. After a day in custody, he bonded out of the county jail upon posting $3000. Jones is scheduled for arraignment on the misdemeanor count on December 3.

    Jones’s rap sheet includes convictions for armed robbery; aggravated assault; narcotics possession; cocaine sales; and resisting on officer with violence. Since 2003, he has spent a total of more than 11 years in state prison (on two separate cases). He last was released by the Florida Department of Corrections in April 2018.

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    A Georgia man who dressed up for Halloween as the demonic Pennywise was arrested last night after cops responding to a call about a creepy clown approaching motorists discovered that the costumed reveler was the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant.

    Police in Conyers, an Atlanta suburb, received a call Thursday evening about an individual dressed in a clown costume and holding a red balloon (the calling card of Pennywise, who terrifies children in Stephen King’s “It” and the movie adaptations of the horror novel).

    Around 7:15 PM, an officer contacted Jason Maugham, 39, who was standing on a Conyers street corner. As seen in the above screen grab, the officer's encounter with Maugham was recorded by a police body cam.

    Maugham, red balloon in hand, denied approaching vehicles that had slowed down at a nearby four-way stop.

    When the officer ran Maugham’s name through a Georgia Crime Information Center database, an outstanding warrant came back indicating that the laborer was wanted in a neighboring county for failure to pay child support.

    Maugham was arrested and booked into the Rockdale County jail. He was later transferred to the custody of police in Butts County, where the warrant was issued.

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    In a religious affront, a Halloween reveler dressed as Jesus sucker-punched a cop early today outside a bar in San Diego, California.

    Police say the assault occurred in the city’s downtown Gaslamp Quarter around 1 AM.

    The male suspect approached police as they were arresting a man who had been ejected from a nearby bar. The assailant, cops repoort, "ambushed the officer" and struck him in the face. Police were unsure whether the assailant punched or elbowed the patrolman, who suffered a one-inch laceration that required several stitches.

    The costumed attacker fled on foot and remains at large. He did not appear to have any accomplices or disciples in tow.

    The suspect was "described as a white male, 6'-00" to 6'-02" in a white robe, red sash, possibly with a fake beard and wig," a San Diego Police Department spokesperson told TSG in an e-mail.

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    With his criminal trial scheduled to open next week, Roger Stone is again casting about for suckers willing to reach into their pockets to pay for his living expenses.

    In an October 25 e-mail blast to subscribers on his mailing lists, the 67-year-old cuck whines that his criminal entanglements have been a “difficult and exhausting” ordeal, adding that the “pressure and stress is nearly unbearable.”

    Stone’s email solicitation--which includes four separate red “DONATE NOW” buttons--claims that the oily GOP operative and his wife Nydia “have lost our home, our savings” and “we're struggling to stay afloat.” The woe-is-me pitch from Stone assures prospective marks that his situation is “dire.” “I do not exaggerate in the slightest,” the inveterate liar added.

    Donations to the Stone Family Support Fund are not tax deductible and are considered “personal gifts to Roger and Nydia Stone for their unrestricted use,” according to an online donation page. Stone is also soliciting contributions to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund, gifts to which are also not deductible.

    While claiming to be broke, Stone has hired private defense counsel, instead of opting for representation by the Federal Defender Program, which handles cases for indigent clients. But to secure such free counsel, a defendant has to file sworn financial statements attesting to their destitution.

    Which would be difficult for Stone, who makes it seem that he had to apply for Section 8 vouchers when he recently “lost” his home.

    In fact, Stone’s former waterfront residence in Fort Lauderdale--where he was arrested by the FBI in January--was a rental. As were his prior two homes.

    Stone and his wife have recently relocated from the Coral Way property--which has a swimming pool and boat dock--to a brand new residence three miles away. But instead of renting at the Galleria Lofts development, the Stones bought an 1800-square-foot, three-bedroom townhome.

    According to Broward County property records, the condominium residence was purchased in late-March for $525,000 by the Bertran Family Revocable Trust (Bertran is Nydia Stone’s maiden name). Nydia Stone, records shows, is a trustee of the trust (and its sole creator).

    A quarter of the home’s purchase price--or $131,250--was in cash, with the balance being covered by a $393,750 mortgage secured by the Bertran trust and Roger and Nydia Stone individually.

    The loan was provided to the Stones by Russell Harris, 73, whose home address is listed on mortgage records as a small property in Sonoma County, California. Harris, however, is registered to vote from a Fort Lauderdale residence that he owns.

    The mortgage’s length and interest rate are not disclosed in property filings which reference a “Balloon Payment Promissory Note” entered into by Harris and the Stones.

    A further search of Broward County records show that the Stones have still not satisfied a series of Internal Revenue Service liens covering nearly $1.5 million in unpaid federal taxes.

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    This is a weird flex.

    Following his arrest early yesterday for drunk driving, an Illinois man struck an odd pose while his mug shot was snapped in front of a holding cell.

    Tyler Brann, 24, was collared on a DUI charge around 2:30 AM Tuesday following a car crash in Sandwich, a city about 60 miles west of Chicago.

    Brann was released from custody after posting bond and is scheduled for a November 27 appearance in the DeKalb County courthouse.

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    A 14-year-old Florida Girl walked up to a man dressed as Donald Trump and punched him in the jaw as her friends recorded the attack, police say.

    The victim and two family members were waiting in line Friday evening outside the Naples Haunted Gross House at the Collier County fairgrounds when he was slugged by the teenage assailant, according to a police report.

    After punching the man, the laughing girl returned to her place in line with several other minors, at least one of whom recorded the attack and posted video of it to Instagram.

    In a written statement, the victim told cops that, “I walked over to the girl and asked her why she had hit me. I told her I was with my family here to have a good time.” The man said he contacted a fairgrounds worker who then summoned police.

    Cops, who noted that the teenager’s “sole motivation was to strike ‘Trump,’” cited the girl for misdemeanor battery.

    The teen, whose name was redacted from an incident report released by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, has been barred from returning to the fairgrounds. 

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    After telling a fellow bar patron who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat to “go back to Russia you fucking communist,” a Florida Man spit on the Donald Trump supporter, according to police who arrested the attacker for battery.

    Investigators say Robert Youngblood, 67, and two friends were seated Friday night at the bar in the Hurricane Grill & Wings restaurant in Vero Beach when they were approached by Matthias Ajple, a 43-year-old engineer.

    As reported in an arrest affidavit, Ajple told Youngblood, “You should go back to Russia you fucking communist.” Ajple then slapped the brim of Youngblood’s red MAGA hat and “spit on Youngblood and then left the scene.”

    Youngblood, cops say, wrote down the assailant’s license plate number and provided it to police. The tag came back to a car registered in the name of Ajple’s wife.

    After Youngblood positively identified Ajple as his attacker, Ajple told sheriff's deputies that, “I was just trying to protect you guys because I support law enforcement. Trump supporters are communist and racist.” He continued, “I don’t even care that I’m going to jail, this is actually exciting. Plus, I have more time on this earth than he does anyway, he probably feels so good about himself.”

    Seen above, Ajple was booked into the county jail on a battery count. He spent several hours behind bars before posting $500 bond to secure his release early Saturday morning.

    Ajple, who was born in Germany, is scheduled for a November 19 hearing on the misdemeanor charge.

    According to Florida voter records, Ajple is a registered Democrat, while Youngblood is a registered Republican.

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    Hard as it may be to believe, the Tennessee gentleman booked into jail Saturday under the name Tupac Shakur was not born with that handle.

    According to cops, Shakur, 40, was busted after he pulled a knife on officers seeking to arrest him on an outstanding probation violation warrant.

    When officers in Johnson City sought to place Shakur in custody, he allegedly pulled away from them and reached into his waistband, where he retrieved a knife. Shakur was quickly taken to the ground and handcuffed.

    A subsequent search of Shakur turned up a syringe and “multiple baggies of methamphetamine,” police reported. The suspect was booked into the Washington County Detention Center, where he is being held on $18,000 bond in advance of arraignment this afternoon.

    Shakur, seen above, was born Timothy Steven Oliver, according to public records. At some point during the past decade Oliver started using the Shakur handle, though it is unclear whether he formally filed for a name change (a check with courts in the counties where Oliver has resided turned up no record of a name change application).

    Tennessee’s Department of Correction lists Timothy Steven Oliver as a current felony probationer who uses the alias Tupac Amaru Shakur. Criminal court records--of which there are many for the defendant--alternately list Oliver with the Shakur alias and Shakur with the Oliver alias.

    The combined Oliver/Shakur rap sheet spans more than two decades and includes collars for assault; public intoxication; resisting arrest; passing bad checks; burglary; theft; vandalism; obstruction; filing a false report; narcotics possession; and trespassing.