What Is Donald Trump, Newborn Birther, Trying To Hide From Us?

3/29 UPDATE: Possible proof of Trump U.S. birth uncovered

What is Donald Trump hiding?

The multimillionaire developer has, overnight, become a leading voice of the “birther” movement, members of which doubt that President Barack Obama was born in the United States (and, thus, is unable to produce an authentic U.S. birth certificate).

“It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the president still hasn’t produced his birth certificate,” Trump told Newsmax. “I’m just asking President Obama to show the public his birth certificate. Why’s he making an issue out of this?" To prove how easy it was for a household employee to find his birth certificate, Trump, 64, crowed, “It took me one hour to get my birth certificate.”

As seen above, he provided the conservative web site with what he purports to be his birth certificate.

Except the document is not an official New York City birth certificate, but rather a document generated by Jamaica Hospital, where Trump’s mother Mary reportedly gave birth in June 1946. Official birth certificates are issued (and maintained) by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Vital Records.

So, what is Trump trying to conceal?

On a possibly related note, Jamaica Hospital has been the recipient of significant financial largesse from the Trump family. In fact, the Queens institution includes the Trump Pavilion, a nursing and rehabilitation facility that was named for Mary Trump.

[If The Donald wants to hunt in his sock drawer for the official birth certificate, he should look for a document that includes an official Department of Health stamp and resembles city forms like ones used decades ago, like this or this.]

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But there is a definition of what a Natural-Born citizen is, from -Emmerich de Vattel: The Law of Nations- § 212. Citizens and natives. "The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens." Parents, not parent. Both parents must be citizens in order to convey natural born status. ..in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country. § 215. Children of citizens born in a foreign country. "By the law of nature alone, children follow the condition of their fathers, and enter into all their rights (§ 212); the place of birth produces no change in this particular, and cannot, of itself, furnish any reason for taking from a child what nature has given him; Obama's father was a Kenyan. The child follows the condition of their father's - Obama is a citizen of Kenya by virtue of his father being Kenyan. However he IS a citizen of the US by birth, and could have dual citizenship in Kenya if his father had applied when he was a minor child (unknown at this time), HOWEVER, neither of these are sufficient to fulfill the natural born status of the constitution(Art.2 sec1) The words natural-born citizen used in Article 2 Section 1 of the the Constitution were purposefully used. I await the refutation of these facts, but fully expect attacks on my race,creed,religion,sexual orientation,preference in breed of canine, and motives.
You are so wrong and your information does not have anything to do with ascertaining US citizenship according to the law, INA, Section 101. I'm not going to attack you Sir or Madame.. just thank you for your opinion...
what these birther morons cannot understand is, it makes no difference where Obama was born. (Never mind that his birth in Hawaii has been proven countless times) What matters is that his mother was an American citizen and that makes him a "natural born" (by reason of birth) American. But to people like that arrogant asshat Trump and the other birthers, facts have no place in their racist rage over a black man being president. That he has essentially been an extension of G.W. Bush, and has not reversed even on of that fool's atrocities doesn't matter, either.
He is a citizen of the US. However, this 'birther moron' is smart enough to understand that natural born status is not given by location alone. John McCain was ineligible, ( even tho he AND both of his parents were us citizens) until congress passed a nonbinding resolution in April 2008 extending him natural born status.
you make me ill... you are so misinformed!
Take two aspirins with one Kenya birth certificate and one Hawaiian birth certificate and come back here in the morning...
Here's the bottom line tea baggers, none of you wing-nut patriots are duly sworn nor authorize to legally ascertain the citizenship of anyone living and/or residing in the United States let alone question the birth of POTUS. You pointy-headed drop-outs don't have the legal authority, training, skill and experience needed to verify if a US birth certificate, US passport, US issued identity document or any other legally issued document is valid. The US Dept of State and the US Department of Homeland Security are the only two federal agencies authorized by law to ascertain citizenship-not Congress, not the Senate, not Bachmann, not college dropout Beck, not Palin, not viagra poppin' Limbaugh, not the pouty-lipped trump...none...So give it a rest....
Um... Congress can and did. Apr 30, 2008 S. Res. 511:A resolution recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen. Put forth by the democrats. So he would be eligible to run against Obama. So give it a rest.....
Well written... you musta graduated the 8th grade... shucks i didn't know all that...