Feds: Alleged Ecstasy Smuggler Hid Her Stash In Octomomesque Protuberance

A Georgia woman is facing a federal drug rap for allegedly trying to smuggle a large stash of Ecstasy into the country over a bridge connecting Canada to Buffalo.

Leeann Corley, 25, was aboard a Greyhound bus last Thursday night when border agents became suspicious of her claim that she was eight months pregnant and was returning to the U.S. after visiting a sick aunt.

During a pat down search, investigators discovered that Corley was “wearing a body suit with a modified stomach area,” according to a U.S. District Court complaint. As seen in the above evidence photo (click to enlarge), that “modified stomach area” contained “33 zip lock bags containing colored pills.”

The seized narcotics weighed 21.63 pounds, and border agents extrapolated that the bags contained a total of 34,230 Ecstasy pills.

While Corley was not photographed in her “pregnant” state, her purported protuberance would likely have been Octomomesque.

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Im not seeing probable cause to pat her down getting on a greyhound bus, which is nothing new. Yeah I know, she was crossing the border but get this: I remember back in the day when I rode Greyhound (Tough times!) the pigs hanging out at the bus stations were just pulling random people aside and searching them. There goes the fourth amendment, right out the window..I sure do miss the rights and freedoms we used to have, would be nice to get those back one day. That's a big stash though - Taste the rainbow, eh? Chances are those aren't even 100% real ecstasy pills; Most of them these days is just other bs cut to seem like ecstasy. Could be anything from caffeine to amphetamine - But what do you want in an illegal market? Buyer beware!
You will be asking for probable cause when your 16yr old kid goes to a party and someone talks them into taking this and you get the call that your child is dead...How about that for probable cause!!! Yes, everyone has a choice and kids make bad ones, but if it were not for people like this trying to make a quick buck our kids would be safer...Instead of trying to bust the chops of Boarder Patrol, TSA, Customs on what your rights are maybe you should thank them that this is off the street and someones kid will stay alive, maybe even yours??
You have not had 4th amend. at a border crossing in 185 years because thats how long border authority has been in place. What you might have perceived at 4th amend protections was probably just lazy officers not screening every person which is impossible to do anyways..
Yes random, that makes not illegal on a border crossing. You have exponentially more rights now than fifty years ago. The document stated inconsistencies in her statement led to a pat down. Probable cause is the lowest burden required in the criminal justice system. Inconsistencies, depending on what they were, are more than enough to do a pat down.
Do you know anything about chemistry of narcotics? I thought not. 100% 'E' would kill you. E is a street name for a chemical which has been cut with other constituents and then made into a pill form. Come back when you know what your flapping your pie hole about.
One thing I cannot stand is someone that has no clue what they're talking about talking like they know what they're talking about. Pure MDMA is one of the safest designer drugs out there. Its not going to kill you. If you look up all deaths associated with MDMA its either people that didn't drink water and jumped around like idiots for hours or people that over drank water and drowned themselves or people that got a hold of pills thinking it was MDMA that were adulterated with other chemicals. Its not like this highly concentrated chemical that has to be diluted for your safety. Next time this lady should try FedEx.. lol
Do you know anything about semantics? What is obvious to even a casual reader of the comment that you criticized is that he means that, along with whatever pill base is included to hold the tablet's shape, there may be a small amount of MDMA, but there are likely other drugs and additives that are cheaper to obtain, and that simulate some of the stimulant effects of Ecstasy, such as caffeine and over-the-counter crap. Come back when you're not a hostile self-centered jerk who enjoys being mean to strangers.