Idiot Wearing "Biden Is An Idiot" T-Shirt Arrested For Drunk Driving

Who’s the idiot now, Randy?

A Missouri man wearing a “Biden Is An Idiot” t-shirt was arrested Friday for drunk driving, according to police.

Randall Westveer, 71, was collared by state troopers and booked into the Boone County jail, where he posed for the above mug shot. Westveer, who lives in a neighboring county, was later released on $500 bond on the misdemeanor DWI count.

Westveer pleaded guilty to DWI in 2020 and was fined $500, according to court records. Westveer’s t-shirt, available online for around $20, uses the presidential seal as the “O” in idiot.

In related garment news, a 26-year-old man recently arrested for drunk driving was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon!” shirt when Alabama cops stuffed him into a squad car.