Drunk Teacher Who Allegedly Flapped Arms And Made Chicken Noises Removed From Classroom

A Massachusetts middle school teacher was removed from her classroom last week when students reported that she appeared drunk, asking one pupil “how would it feel to have a bullet in his head” and “flapping her arms, and making chicken noises, and or trying to fly.”

Eva Brady, 47, was driven home by a colleague from Pentucket Regional Middle School after students in her eighth grade history class told administrators they “believed there was something wrong with their teacher.”

According to a West Newbury Police Department report excerpted here, an officer was called to the school and observed a 32-ounce Gatorade bottle that was “a little over a 1/4 to a 1/2 empty” and noted that the liquid “appeared to be lighter in color than most Gatorade products.” After smelling the contents police “determined that it had some sort of alcohol added to it” and a test of the liquid determined “alcohol present in the container.”

The educator, who has not been charged with any crime, has yet to return to the classroom.

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Seriously, even if she was charged with a crime, would there even be a remote chance that a member of a teacher's union could be suspended or fired for this?
It's okay guys...she's allowed to do this under the union's collective bargaining agreement.
Hey fish soup - do you even know what a collective bargaining agreement is? It doesn't sound like it.
This behavior is a requirement at Princeton University.
“....flapping her arms, and making chicken noises, and or trying to fly...."? So what? Barney Frank does this everyday in the House of Representatives
It could have been worst....she could have buzzed around like a bumble bee and stung everyone in sight....
Seriously, what is the world coming to? Teachers going to class drunk? They really should think twice. Still its a great source of humor.
Mr. Wee Wee sez "yOu gO girl" and STAND FIRM BEHIND Barack! Mr. Wee Wee suppOrts our teachers Obama style!
Yes, Happy April Fool's everyone!
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