Floridian, 54, Arrested For Drunk Driving Assured Police That, "I'm A Professional Drinker"

A tipsy Florida Motorist whose blood alcohol content was measured at nearly three times the legal limit admitted consuming whiskey shots prior to driving, but assured cops, “I’m a professional drinker.”

George Emmanuel, 54, was collared late Wednesday evening after a sheriff’s deputy spotted his vehicle speeding in a 35 mph zone.

After being pulled over, Emmanuel--who was wobbly and had “watery and glassy” eyes--performed poorly on a series of field sobriety tests. Additionally, his blood alcohol contest was measured at .218 and .211 (.08 is the legal limit).

After being read his rights, Emmanuel “admitted to consuming 1-2 shots of whiskey prior to driving,” according to an arrest affidavit. The Gulfport resident also reportedly declared, “I’m a professional drinker.”

Seen above, Emmanuel was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge. He was released from the county jail early yesterday on his own recognizance.