Stripper/FBI Informant Sherry Ann Ramos Embraces Her "CI-1" Title

The Atlanta stripper at the center of the drug/gun case against a federal judge appears to have heartily embraced her role as the bureau’s main confidential informant, or “CI-1.”

Sherry Ann Ramos, who was identified in these pages as the exotic dancer who helped investigators snare U.S. District Court Judge Jack T. Camp Jr., recently replaced her Facebook profile picture with the “CI-1” graphic seen above. While unclear whether the accompanying horizontal lines represent three lines of cocaine, Ramos’s prior profile pic was an old “Coke” logotype (think soft drink).

Though Ramos, a 27-year-old convicted felon, has been identified by TSG as the key witness against Camp, investigators have not identified “CI-1” beyond describing her as a stripper with a felony narcotics conviction on her rap sheet. In a filing last week in the Camp case, prosecutors requested a protective order guarding the “public disclosure of certain information” that “could pose a threat to the safety of certain individuals.”

This would presumably include the identity of “CI-1,” Ramos, who did not respond to a Facebook message sent today by a reporter.

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I think she has lots of guts to do what she did. To bad everyone dont have the guts to do it, so we can rid the world of the drugs, druggies as well as crooked judges and cops. Gene.
yeah, you're probably a snitch too.
Thanks to TSG, we can all look her up on Facebook. That's just what I did and I called her what she was - A SNITCH. Needless to say, being a stripper and a snitch is about all she's good for. She should've stayed in school cause I couldn't understand half the stuff she wrote back to me.
It is good that Sherry Ramos helped the police to catch the judge and have its evidences. According to the news, Prosecutors have agreed to a plea deal where District Court Judge Camp admitted guilt to many drug-related charges. I read this here: Judge Jack Camp guilty of doing drugs with Sherry Ann Ramos Judge Camp admitted that he not only paid Ramos for sexual favors, but bought her substances. The judge has admitted guilt to three allegations. The maximum punishment for these charges is four years in prison.