As Arrest Loomed, Florida Man Decided To Channel His Inner Michael Scott

As he faced arrest yesterday evening, a Florida Man took the opportunity to channel his inner Michael Scott from “The Office.”

According to an arrest affidavit, a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a car driven by Brandon McComas, 31, around 9:20 PM after noticing the vehicle did not have a tag light.

Approaching McComas’s car on a Vero Beach street, the cop spotted the driver “attempting to conceal a large bulge in his left front pocket with his arm.” Deputy Scott Prouty then asked McComas to exit the car.

While conducting a pat down of McComas, the deputy inquired about the “long cylindrical object” in the suspect's pants.

"That's what she said," replied McComas.

The deputy subsequently handcuffed McComas and confiscated a cylindrical case containing marijuana and a glass pipe (a second pipe was found in the auto).

Pictured above, McComas was issued tag light and pot possession citations. He was released from jail early this morning after posting $500 bond. McComas’s rap sheet includes prior collars for disorderly conduct, domestic battery, disorderly intoxication, and cocaine trafficking (he spent three years in state prison on the latter count).