Mom Who Coached Daughter During Fistfight Cops Plea, Sentenced To One-Day Parenting Class

The Florida woman caught on videotape urging her daughter on during a fight with a high school classmate will have to complete a one-day parenting class as part of a deal struck with prosecutors, records show.

April Newcomb, 39, entered a no contest plea yesterday to a misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge. She was adjudged guilty by Circuit Court Judge George K. Brown Jr., who sentenced Newcomb to 75 hours of community service and ordered her to complete the parenting class, according to a court appearance record.

Newcomb, pictured at right, will also have to pay court costs.

As seen in the video, Newcomb acted as her 16-year-old daughter’s cornerman during a fight last September against a fellow Palmetto High School student. Newcomb can be heard yelling encouragements like “punch her in the fucking body” and “kick her ass” to her child.

During an investigation of the incident, detectives obtained two other videos shot by teens who attended the brawl (which saw Newcomb’s daughter get dominated by her larger opponent).

With the closure of the case against Newcomb, the $15,000 bond she previously secured from Big Johnson Bail Bonds was formally cancelled, court records show.

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