Woman, 42, Cops Plea To Skinny-Dipping In Stranger's Swimming Pool

The naked woman who recently was found skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool has copped a plea to a pair of misdemeanor criminal charges, according to Florida court records.

Heather Kennedy, 42, pleaded no contest Monday to trespass and resisting charges in connection with a bizarre July incident at a residence in Port Charlotte. A judge sentenced Kennedy to time she had already served in the Charlotte County jail and fined her $320.

Kennedy was arrested after James Clark, 69, called 911 upon returning from a doctor’s visit to discover "a naked white female in the pool." As seen above, Kennedy was still in the water when sheriff’s deputies arrived at Clark's home.

After being coaxed out of the pool, Kennedy struggled with deputies as they attempted to handcuff her.

Days after being released from custody for the July 19 pool incursion, Kennedy was arrested for breaking into a truck. Along with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief counts, Kennedy (seen at right) was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

The latter two charges stemmed from the discovery by jailers of a methamphetamine pipe inside Kennedy’s vagina.

Kennedy’s list of legal troubles also includes a probation violation charge related to her conviction earlier this year on a felony narcotics possession rap. Prosecutors contend that Kennedy’s most recent collars violated terms of an April 2021 probationary sentence.

The narcotics case resulted from a traffic stop that yielded morphine pills, marijuana, and crack and meth pipes. Kennedy denied ownership of the pills, claiming they were the property of "a male by the name of Crackhead Chris," according to a police report.

Kennedy is being held in the Charlotte County jail in Punta Gorda.