In Some Parts Of The U.S. "Redneck" Is Actually Considered A Religion

While certainly no experts on spiritual matters, until today we were unaware of the existence of a religion being practiced in the South.

As seen in the above excerpt from a Bradenton (Florida) Police Department report, suspect Joshua Lee Joehlin told cops that he is a member of the “Redneck” faith.

Joehlin, a 20-year-old Texan, was busted early Sunday morning on a felony charge of engaging in a lewd and lascivious act with a minor. Joehlin, pictured at left, is being held in the Manatee County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

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First and foremost, to those saying this kid is a child molester, please use your brain to form a possible scenario where this kid is simply someone who was having sex with his high school sweetheart in the back seat of his car rather than pontificate about his sexual misconduct. Please. Give me a break. If his high school sweetheart were a freshmen while he was a senior then its quite possible he was having sex with his high school honey, who in fact would be considered a minor. Some states say 16 is a minor and some say 17 is a minor. I don't know the law for that state, but let's give the kid the benefit of the doubt. Damn!
Trash and nothing but trash....Keep him locked up!
Rednecks feed most of you lazyass liberals. Oh, I forgot to throw in useless... lazyass, useless liberals. There, got it.
It is amazing how someone can be called a redneck but you can't call someone a n****. And to you magnumdumbassXL. Please, don't come to the south. We don't need or want you here.
You raise a wonderful point. No one but you seems to realize that both of those words hold exactly the same historical weight. Those poor southern whites, getting called "rednecks" back in the 50s and 60s. What were they supposed to do? I mean, black people wanting to attend the same schools and be treated as equals? I'm amazed at the restraint they showed only using fire hoses and police dogs to intimidate blacks instead of calling in an air strike. Yikes! Can you imagine how scared those white people must have been? Gives me shivers just thinking about it! Also, no one's saying you can't call someone that, you're more than free to do it! There are no laws against it whatsoever! Give it a try, I'm sure --once you've explained your reasoning behind it-- the recipient of the aforementioned slur will appreciate your frank honesty.
I am a Red Neck, and I am proud to be one. You know that there are more Red Neck serving in the Military, defending The United States than any other group? I served 27 years myself, twice in Vietnam, was in Beirut when the Barracks was hit with a truck bomb and killed 145 Army and Marines. Red Necks are the people you see rise, remove their caps, and place their hand over their heart when the Flag passes in a parade. We are the men you think are stupid hicks and you like to make jokes about us. you use terms like inbred to describe us to others. But when the shiat hits the fan I can always find you because you are hiding behind me as I have guns and ammo and I am not afraid to use them. So you make fun of us all you want but rest assured we will protect you against the enemy. We will do that because we love the United States of America not because we give a crap about you. Maybe you should change you thoughts about Red Necks, maybe even meet and get to know some, we don;t bit or shoot strangers unless the get too close to our still. God Bless America
Rednecks are the type of people that will pull over and help you change a tire, will cook up some of his deer meat if you was hungry, will help you fix your car if it was not running, will help you unclog your sewer if it was plugged up. A redneck will not take government handouts or welfare. A redneck stands on his own two feet. You people that down talk rednecks would do NONE of the above. Infact you people are too stupid to even no how to change a tire, fix a car, unclog a sewer or cook up some good deer meat. BTW look up where the term redneck comes from and you will find that you are talking down to every blue collar worker out there.
ASOLUTELY!! I hear you there,Brother! My wife's truck broke down and someone outside of their home was fixing cars and helped my wife by calling a nice guy to tow her vehicle 2 1/2 hours away and did it for practically nothing...and just asked for a pot of coffee when he arrives...Those kind of people are real...Not like some of you all wrote on here..I'm with this Brother here...
I am hopelessly and COMPLETELY in LOVE with a Redneck from southern MS! He is charming, sweet, and kind-hearted. All the qualities that were lacking in my last relationship...which is OVER! Did I mention he's an amazing lover? Coming from the Northeast (Boston, MA) - I have nothing negative to say about Rednecks.
"redneck" is a word that comes from the word "redlegs" which was given to early white europian slaves (1600s) that Oliver Cromwell ship to "barbadosed" Irish poor whites that worked in the sugar fields their legs would blister red and would not heal. We dont teach this history in school because the rich dont want us to know. Human Resource is the current term for SLAVE today like it or not but the slave trade has always been a class war Rich against the Poor.